It’s been ages. Between depression (finally got that stable thanks to the doctor), a sudden move (much more room but a ton of stress), and then Hurricane Harvey (Woo second floor apartment and perfect contentment to be stuck inside!) the urge to craft just hasn’t been around.

But I’m mostly unpacked at this point. My mood is much better now that I have a bit of breathing space and organization. I still need to buy a long shelf to re-home several things that used to live on my desk plus a bookcase. I also need to get the sewing machine fixed. But, other than that I’m pretty much done with the house set up, minus some decorating.

Speaking of decorating, this will be the first year in about 6 or 7 (if not longer) that I’ll be able to decorate. I’m not sure how that’ll work with cats but I’ll figure it out. I simply can’t wait to play with the pretties and see where things want to be.

But I have started working on the commission again. Yep, same one.

The astute will note that it was crochet and now it’s knit. Thus the translating. I’m switching this over, at least the main body. I think I’ll try to go back to crochet for the rest of it. This completely flummoxed me when it was crochet. I knew 100% that the number of stitches was right. I went down a hook size and tried to adjust my tension but it kept spiraling. So … knitting. I’m rather happy with how it’s looking so far.

Of course now that I have a full desk setup again I want to play all the games. I keep working my way through my Steam library and categorizing the games after I play a bit of them. I’ve been quite obsessed with Dungeons of Dreadmore lately though I’m starting to move more toward Torchlight simply so I can play Torchlight 2. It helps that Torchlight is fun too.

Plus, with the desk setup again it’ll be much easier to update the pictures on the site. So I’ll have to do that soon. There’s quite a few that I haven’t added to the site because it’s a little more complicated on a laptop with only a touchpad versus a full set up with mouse and keyboard.

I managed to work my way through a compilation of 68 Lovecraft stories. I ‘want’ to enjoy Lovecraft more but man! He’s entirely too verbose at times. I like the occasional story but clearly this many was simply too much one after the other. I’m finally onto some of the other books in my library. Currently I’m reading Traitor’s Masque by Kenley Davidson. It’s a re-imaging of Cinderella and the first in a series. So far it’s very enjoyable. I like the backstory she’s given our Cinderella and the prince, it’s unwinding perfectly. I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking out the rest in the series.


WIP Wednesday: Still Nothing, and yet Progress


I have a more involved brace, more restrictions, but a diagnosis and hope. We saw the specialist on Friday and he said I have De Quervain syndrome. Naturally it’s affected by every single one of my hobbies, but thanks to the steroid shot and the brace (despite how much I despise it) I’m feeling a lot better. There’s a lot less pain, though still quite a bit of weakness. I have to wear the brace all day (though I take if off to eat because I’m impossible) for the rest of this week. Then I can start wearing it less and slowly resuming my activities. I’m sure fighting will be the last thing I can get back to but at least I’ll be able to spend a bit of time with knitting and video games.

Yay for actually knowing what’s going on. 😀

WIP Wednesday: Basic Rib

The random stash grab gave me this super soft alpaca in camo colors. I asked Jon if he’d wear something made of it. He felt of it and decided a hat would be good. So we’ll see how this pattern works out. So far I like how it’s spiraling backwards as I knit. It’ll be a bit slow as I’m still work on secret project at home so this is only worked on at work.

Still Star Wars. I’ve made level 22 with my light side Empire Agent. But she still has that stupid hat as nothing else I’ve come across has been better.

Fighting / Health:
I had an endurance test on Sunday. I made it through 65 fights before I said I couldn’t do anymore. I possibly could have but with the proving coming up in Sept I didn’t want to destroy myself. The running has been restarted to help with the overall health and endurance, I did better today than I did last week, so that’s a win.


Guardians Inc: The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain. I really don’t know what to think of this one yet. I just started it today and I’m only a couple pages in. But it’s started out with a couple of interesting characters. Win, for now.

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