Super Simple Headband

One of my fighting guys requested a headband. Well … it took me far longer than I’d like to admit to sit down and knit it but the knitting took only a handful of tv episodes.

The pattern is super simple. I start with one stitch and increase every other row until I have 5-7 stitches, knit it to length, decrease every other row. Also I slip the first stitch of the row to make the sides neater.

Project page: Ravelry.


WIP Wednesday: Hood and Headbands

The hood is getting closer to looking like a hood. I separated for the face and I’m about halfway through that.

I also started the team headbands, though they feel like they’re going to take forever. I know it’ll be a long term project.

I was trying to make a thing …. though I again don’t understand math so have no clue why the squares didn’t add up correctly, despite using a calculator designed specifically for that. I think I might be done with this harebrained scheme …


Shades of Gray by Jessica James. It’s a fun civil war romance, it’ll be interesting to see if follows all the predictable tropes or not.

Holiday Giving

Now that all the gifts have been given and exclaimed over … I can share the many completed projects.

Everybody in Jon’s family was given a set of washcloths, each with their own color scheme and pattern.

Jon’s mother also received a tiny crochet pug.

We did gift exchange in the fighting unit and Riddari asked for gloves so he received those, as well as a headband since I had so much left over and he might want it during the summer.

And finally a friend of ours had a birthday and had previously expressed desire for a pair of these slippers.

Orange Hugs

I have a friend who doesn’t always remember how awesome she is. Well, I have several of those to be honest, because all my friends are pretty awesome, but at the moment I’m speaking of mac_arthur_park. She occasionally has moments where life is overwhelming and I wanted a way to give her a hug and remind her that she is loved, she is awesome, she is amazing. Distance contrives to keep such things from happening. But I’m a knitter, I play with yarn, and weave love into every stitch I make. She crochets. She understand the amount of love that is worked into a piece that is then given away.

I think she was in love the first time she saw this fiber on my spinning wheel. She oohed and ahhed over it. I had purchased it for my birthday because the color was labeled Gallifrey. The colors were brilliant in the sun. I knew in the back of my mind that I’d never wear the colors but I had to have it.

I did have to have it. I need it so that I could spin love into it and then add more love as I knit it into this shawl. I mailed this bundle of love off where it could wrap around her in moments of sorrow and comfort her, where she could wear it in happy times and add to the bright thoughts that are twisted into the stitches. A crafter understands how you can send a physical hug across many miles.

I love how the colors play with this pattern and how they swirl around in a warm sunset. This is one of my favorite pieces from this year.

Once I was done I had a little bit of singles left over that didn’t get spun into the 2 ply yarn. So I threw together a quick headband for Jon’s niece.

First Handspun Projects

For my first handspun yarn I wanted something to really show off the yarn. Because of the variance in weight I suspected that something very basic would probably be best.

I love how this hat came out. The color progression / spiral is lovely and the slouch feels perfect. I was thrilled that I still had more yarn to play with afterward.

The first picture shows a double mobius headband that I did. I found the construction very interesting and I look forward to doing something like that again. It also is the best picture I’ve gotten of the purple in my hair! Over 2 years of trying and it’s the first time it’s been very visible in pictures. The second picture is a basic eyelet headband. I love how they both show the different colors. Working with my very own handspun was fantastic!

Basic Headband

After the fifth or sixth time or scrubbing my forehead with the back of my sword hand in as many minutes I knew I needed a solution. So super simple headband was made.

It keeps the stray hairs and sweat from my face when fighting. I started with one stitch and increased on one side until I had enough stitches. Then I knit until it was long enough to tie and decreased on one side until I was back to one stitch. It’s garter stitch so super squishy on my skin and machine washable because, ew, sweat.

Project Page: Ravelry

Please join us in linking to your finished projects. Just drop the link to the blog post sharing your finishes and then visit all the pretty things that others have made.

Last Friday Post of 2014

I’m quite behind on posting finished projects and this is the last Friday of 2015 so I’m going to post all that I have left.

With the creation of the new fighting unit we needed new shield covers. We both really liked how my buckler came out so I recreated that for our round shields. We’re not sure if we’re going to put other stuff on them, like personal symbols or unit symbols. Currently they’re quite distintive.

Shortly before our Day Battle I finished my overdress. I trimmed it out in grey since that’s one of the colors of the Furyan unit. But when we parted from them I needed to update the overdress. I added the green over the grey and let a little grey show through, as I did on Jon’s tunic. I think it makes the green stand out a little more. The upper part has 2 layers of the thickest interfacing I could find as well as boning. It’s very good at giving back support while fighting.

Grey Trim                                                    Green Trim

Jon asked for a headband so I found some yarn in the stash that would work, needed the right color and machine washable because there’s lots of sweat when we fight. I managed this in a couple days, though mostly one while watching movies curled up on the couch with him.

Project: Headband

I managed to finish up my socks with everything else that was going on. I’m delighted with the yarn and very happy with how it worked in the pattern.

Pattern: Twisted Flowers by Cookie A
Project Page: Ravelry

Because I have access to adorable little ones now I went searching for a hat to match. I made this for Jon’s niece. We gave this to her yesterday for Christmas and she was so excited over it. She’s now a Cupcake Princess.

Pattern: Cupcake Hat by Becky Veverka
Project page: Ravelry

A coworker asked for a replica of a scarf I wore to work one day so she could give it to her daughter. She ordered the yarn and I managed to get it done just in time, despite a late arrival.

Pattern: Clara Cowl by Gretchen Ronnevik
Project page: Ravelry

There’s one last project to share but I don’t have pictures of it yet, hopefully I’ll get those this weekend.


If ever there was a pattern more sought after I wouldn’t know it. I happened across the perfect yarn for this pattern and ran out to buy both beads and hook as soon as possible. Once back home I realized there was no way to purchase said pattern. It was sold in a datebook that was done small press and a short run. No amount of searching could produce a copy. I finally emailed the publisher and after months of waiting I emailed the designer as well. They both got back to me at the same time; the designer didn’t have a copy of the pattern because she was going to re-release it sometime this spring or summer. The publisher had a few unsold copies and would be willing to sell me the book at a reduced price.

The package finally arrived and I eagerly finished up my projects so I could work on the headband. That was when I found that the crochet hook I had didn’t fit through the beads. I spent an evening using thread to pull the beads onto the yarn at each spot. The next day found me in a craft store searching for a smaller hook. I triumphantly finished the first repeat of the pattern and held up it up, only to discover that it looked … wrong. Two lines of the pattern were missing from the book. Was this silly pattern worth all this effort? Had it been a free pattern I might have just found something else to work on. However, I put a lot of work into acquiring this and I was going to finish it, no matter the obstacles. I got busy figuring out what those two rows most likely were.I’m fairly sure I managed it.

I do love the finished headband. I think I’ll have to make a couple more of them with leftover yarn just to justify the cost and the effort though. All in all there were legends in the chart that weren’t actually used, missing rows in the chart plus a missing column, and the written directions referred to things that were not in this pattern and repeated itself.

Pattern: Verona Headband by Sivia Harding
Project page: Ravelry

WIP Wednesday: Verona

I was playing around on Ravelry, as you do, and I stumbled across this pattern. It was love at first sight which kind of took me by surprise. I don’t wear headbands, can’t stand how the store bought ones pinch behind my ears and give me a migraine. And yet I couldn’t help but think “how would a knit one feel?”. I finished a project and the left over yarn was perfect for the pattern, just a few yards over the required amount. Kismet! Of course last night I figured out that the tiny crochet hooks I’d purchased for the beads aren’t small enough. I’ll be making a run to Michael’s tonight … and possibly to my LYS.

I think I might actually have some progress with the muse. I may even finally have a name for my main character. She’s certainly being difficult.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I finally got my hands on the book and so far I love it. I’m only about 7 chapters in but I do like the characters and I’m really enjoying the person Katniss is proving to be. I’m looking forward to watching the movie after finishing the book.