It’s been ages. Between depression (finally got that stable thanks to the doctor), a sudden move (much more room but a ton of stress), and then Hurricane Harvey (Woo second floor apartment and perfect contentment to be stuck inside!) the urge to craft just hasn’t been around.

But I’m mostly unpacked at this point. My mood is much better now that I have a bit of breathing space and organization. I still need to buy a long shelf to re-home several things that used to live on my desk plus a bookcase. I also need to get the sewing machine fixed. But, other than that I’m pretty much done with the house set up, minus some decorating.

Speaking of decorating, this will be the first year in about 6 or 7 (if not longer) that I’ll be able to decorate. I’m not sure how that’ll work with cats but I’ll figure it out. I simply can’t wait to play with the pretties and see where things want to be.

But I have started working on the commission again. Yep, same one.

The astute will note that it was crochet and now it’s knit. Thus the translating. I’m switching this over, at least the main body. I think I’ll try to go back to crochet for the rest of it. This completely flummoxed me when it was crochet. I knew 100% that the number of stitches was right. I went down a hook size and tried to adjust my tension but it kept spiraling. So … knitting. I’m rather happy with how it’s looking so far.

Of course now that I have a full desk setup again I want to play all the games. I keep working my way through my Steam library and categorizing the games after I play a bit of them. I’ve been quite obsessed with Dungeons of Dreadmore lately though I’m starting to move more toward Torchlight simply so I can play Torchlight 2. It helps that Torchlight is fun too.

Plus, with the desk setup again it’ll be much easier to update the pictures on the site. So I’ll have to do that soon. There’s quite a few that I haven’t added to the site because it’s a little more complicated on a laptop with only a touchpad versus a full set up with mouse and keyboard.

I managed to work my way through a compilation of 68 Lovecraft stories. I ‘want’ to enjoy Lovecraft more but man! He’s entirely too verbose at times. I like the occasional story but clearly this many was simply too much one after the other. I’m finally onto some of the other books in my library. Currently I’m reading Traitor’s Masque by Kenley Davidson. It’s a re-imaging of Cinderella and the first in a series. So far it’s very enjoyable. I like the backstory she’s given our Cinderella and the prince, it’s unwinding perfectly. I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking out the rest in the series.


WIP Wednesday: Gloves and Socks

I’m kinda creating again. Mostly I’m starting things and losing steam or finishing things and not being happy with them. I don’t know that I’m getting past the grief or coping any better .. maybe I’m just hiding behind a giant mask, it’s hard to tell. Anyhow, I am actually a bit happy with the gloves I’m working on. Specially since I charted out the pattern in excel with notes for when the thumb begins and when the hand is done. The chart doesn’t match up from side a to side b so the number were quickly going to be off. Plus with it being in excel I can hide the rows I’ve already done.


I’ve also started new stripy socks, which means the previous socks are finished. Though I didn’t do enough of the leg and not only do I have a ton of yarn left over, they’re shorter than I’d like. Plus I went down a size for ribbing and forgot to go back up a size to bind off, so they’re a tad too tight. I’ll pull it out and redo the binding.

I thought about re-connecting the yarn and making the socks longer .. .but then I’m not sure the stripes would line up just so and apparently that bothers me more than I expected it too. It makes sense after all, that’s why I’m so careful to start the exactly in the same spot. Just means I have more to add to the blanket.


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Borderlands, mostly on the hunter, he’s finally up to level 21. I wanted to punch things so I started a bezerker the other night and he’s level 7 or 8 now. Though I know sniper will always be my favorite of any character.


The Night Bird by Brian Freeman. I’ve been reading a bit more, it’s easier to insert myself into a different world. I’ve liked this one, the way the author strings the words together and the pictures he paints with them.

And … if you’re still hanging around after all this silence on my part. Thank you. I’m trying to get back into things. The grief hits at odd times and I still don’t know how to deal with it. Thank you for sharing this part of things with me.

WIP Wednesday: Quick and Simple

I found some acrylic yarn in basic black and hubby asked for a hat that he could wear at fighter practice when it’s cooler out. He has an alpaca hat but that’s not good for getting all sweaty. So, non felting thing in the works. Most of this was done last night at a gaming session.

Thanks to Rogue One and some down time before starting the hat I got more done on the stripy socks. I finally have a 0 needle so I can give the tighter ribbing a shot on these.

I’ve been playing a bit of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze but I’ve also been watching Jon play while I knit and catch up on other things.

Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. I’m really glad I have the next few books of this on my kindle. I really want to see what happens with everybody and I’m nearly done with this book.

WIP Wednesday: Too Much

I’m equally overwhelmed with how much I have in progress and very much wanting to cast on new things. Of course, the things I want to cast on are sweaters so I’d have to buy yarn. Meanwhile, I know I shouldn’t buy yarn right now (despite indulging in the current KnitPicks Felici restock). Okay, I know I most certainly should not buy sweater quantities of yarn right now. On the plus side, I’m close to finishing a couple things.

I have the stripey socks that are missing one heel and weaving in the ends. I’m also considering taking out the last color change and rebinding off. On the one hand, maybe a tad tight will help keep them up, also I don’t want to do it, on the other hand, they’re a tad tight and that might be uncomfortable later.

I’m also close to finished on the hood that I’ve been working on. I have increases for the one side done which leaves the other side, sewing the top, and the edging. With the weather finally changing it will be a nice addition to the fighting garb.

With another pair of stripy socks nearing completion I have more stripy yarn to add to the blanket. Plus I found a bit of leftover from the last set while I was cleaning out a bag to store the in progress headbands in. So I’m adding that before adding in the newest set. At least it’s already joined and wound into a ball to add in as soon as I finish up this bit.

The quilt square for Harley and Joker is still sitting there mocking me. I have 2 of the 4 squares sewn. I need to recalculate my half square triangles for the other 2 squares. I keep freezing up on that because while it’s just fabric, if I’m wrong then it’s wasted time, if not fabric.

I also need to pull out the black duckcloth and cut the pieces for my new overdress. That also means I’d need to pull out the table and iron it all though and I’m not ready to deal with that much room being taken up by a table right now

I’m spending a lot of time either catching up on tv shows or sinking time into Lego The Force Awakens. One of them gives me some knitting time also, so that’s a bit helpful.

Wolves of the Northern Rift by Jon Messenger. I haven’t a clue what this is about. It’s just next in the list as I finished another book today. So I cracked this one open today, read perhaps 3 lines and we’ll see what’s next.

WIP Wednesday: Scattered

I’ve a few projects on the needles at the moment First up is a hood that I’m making to wear for fighting. With the cooler weather coming up it’ll be welcome. The yarn is Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Coffee. I think my flash is acting up as the color is not coming up right no matter what I do. The yarn is super soft and I think I’m going to love it.

I have moved my stripy socks to travel knitting to work on at work at the hood is a bit too large to easily carry around. I have made a bit of progress on these. I need to pull out the yarn and snip off the yarn that I’m going to use for the heels so I can not think about it and just knit until my yarn runs out.

I also have the yarn for some headbands to wear while fighting. I’m going to make them double sided, so we can easily see who’s on which team. I’ll start those tonight though, so hopefully pictures next week

I did a thing! The points came out better than I expected since it’s been a while since doing my last piecing. But it’s a start to several mini pieces I have in mind. The second set of fabrics are for that next one I have sketched out I just need to sit down and cut things out.


I finished Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, review to come soonish. I think Book of Unwritten Tales is up next, plus something smaller and lighter as I think that one is fairly story intensive.


Darkness in the Valley: An Uncanny Dossier by Gregory Miller. I finished the first in this series and just had to snatch up the second book. This one is more one cohesive narrative than the previous one. Though it’s still told from several viewpoints and so has the same feel.

WIP Wednesday: Almost a Sweater

I can’t believe I’m almost done with this sweater! I have a few more decrease rounds and then the ribbing for the neck. So close to being done!

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians is eating my brain in the very best of ways. I can’t wait to finish it and tell you all about it.


Gretel by Christopher Coleman. I see the bones of the fairy tale but I’m not sure where it’s going just yet, the story is too new.

WIP Wednesday: Chocolate Sweater

This has gone really fast! The body is all done and, despite some issues getting the sleeves started, they’re now on the needles and ready to zoom along. This is the first bottom up sweater with sleeves that I’ve done so I’m excited to see how it comes together.

I have a plot that I’m hatching, and hopefully it’ll work out like I have in mind. If so then I can add a new thing to my skill set and inventory.

Oh gosh! Im super in love with Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians! It’s bouncy and peppy, the art is lovely, and I want to play more and more!


Sold Out by Stan R. Mitchell. I do like the occasional military based story. I just started this yesterday and things are already moving. I like a story that is quick to action.

WIP Wednesday: Child’s Sweater

Somehow this child’s sweater hopped onto my needles because there’s a little boy that’s behind on knit things when compared to his sister. I suspect it’ll go pretty fast as once it’s past the ribbing I’ll be on to the straight knitting and I can work on it anywhere. Though I’m going to try to use this vast amount of stockinette to work on continental knitting instead of throwing.

I haven’t had a chance to start on the next game up for testing out but hopefully tonight I’ll finally have a chance to play a bit of Bard’s Tale.


Perceptions by Lee Strauss. I’m a bit over halfway on this and it’s pretty standard fare. Privileged girl in a genetically modified world has her world altered and sees some of the dirt behind the facade. She falls in love with an underprivileged boy and they team up. It’s not a bad version of it but nor is it so fantastic that I’ll go hunting down others. Now, if they fall into my lap then I’ll more than likely read them.

WIP Wednesday: Blanket and Socks

Well, I came to the end of my first sock yarn sooner than I thought. Of course I also had 2 four hour shifts at the event this past weekend so plenty of time to work on them while waiting for people to sign in. I knew this was a long term project but now I’m wanting to finish my current stripy socks super fast so I can add more to this. :laugh:

Speaking of the current stripy socks … I did also do a bit of work on these while at the event since I didn’t take another project with me. I thought about it and meant to ask the hubby to grab my other project but then completely forgot. Ah well, work on these is good and I still finished the other project shortly after we got home. Today I verified that I have quite a lot of yarn left though I should remove the lengths I’ll need for the heel before too much longer. I can’t wait to have another pair of socks to add into the rotation.

Of course, despite knowing that I should focus on the socks and finish them up I’m looking at using the last of the yarn left over from the smocked sweater to do a child’s hat, probably a beret, plus a sweater for a toddler, oh, and another facecloth from some scrap green cotton. Never enough to do I guess.

I’ve been playing Antichamber, an indie game that I  was super interested in when I first heard about it. It’s a puzzle / maze game. I love the various ways that you have to look at things to get through the puzzles and the little signs along the walls. I just found my first ring and I’m experimenting with that. I’ll probably give it a little break as I want to try other things as well but I’ll certainly be coming back to it and seeing if I can finish it.


A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter. I just have a few pages left on this book. If I happen across the other 2 books in the trilogy I’ll certainly grab them. The story reminds me a bit of Twilight but better written with multifaceted characters.

WIP Wednesday: Smocked Sweater

The smocked sweater is coming along super fast I’m already done with the body and I’m about half done with the front half. I really love how adorable it looks and it’s so incredibly soft.

The 10 stitch blanket is also making progress. It’s still small enough to take with me to work and work on during my lunch break. When it gets larger I’ll have to find another portable project. Meanwhile I love it. I’ve finally figured out the way I want to join the sides and I like how it looks.

I’m trying to go through my Steam library and figure out which games I want to keep around and toss the stuff I’m less interested in. I gave 7 Wonders a try and it was boring, to say the least. It’s been shuffled off to the Don’t Bother folder. I also tried And Yet It Moves. It’s a fun physics game. I don’t know how long it will hold my interest but for the moment it’s fun to spin the world around and watch my dude fall.


The Book of Coming Forth from the House of Rejoicing, Part 1 by Libbie Hawker. Historical fiction based in Egypt. The story is almost over and I will probably need to go hunting down the next one.