WIP Wednesday: Larger Blanket


The blanket has pretty much been my life in terms of knitting. Or crafting at all. I really, really want to make sure it’s done and handed off before the baby arrives in Aug. I just added in the 4th skein of yarn and I think I have 2 more to add in. After that I just have a small left over portion I’m planning on using specifically to bind off with. I also extended my cable so I have a better idea of size, it feels too small. I’m hoping that once the acrylic relaxes and the yarn overs expand it’ll grow a little bit.


Of Moths and Butterflies by V. R. Christensen. A dash of drama and romance thrown into another time, forever my candy. I like this one more than the other of this author that I’ve ready.


WIP Wednesday: The Blanket Grows

The blanket has grown a bit, the sections aren’t feeling impossible yet but I can tell the difference. Now if I could just remember consistently when I’m supposed to do the yarn over row. I always catch it about 2-4 sections in. Luckily it’s an easy fix.

The plan is to start cutting the fabric for an altered version of this overdress. I’d like to have it done by this Saturday since we have an event and I’d like pretty, plus my current overdress is in need of alterations and repairs.

Thought, because I want a new overdress I need a new rank device. And now that we have an embroidery machine I have a better chance of creating what we want So .. I designed a thing!! It needs a little cleaning up of threads but I’m still pretty stoked about it.


The Last Paradise by Antonio Garrido. I only just started it yesterday so I’m not very far but it’s interesting and based in a time period I enjoy reading about.

However! I just finished Nora and Kettle by Lauren Nicolle Taylor and … wow! It’s a broken girl and broken boy story, and at times it feels a touch slow moving. But the story was just so compelling and wonderful that I didn’t care. I felt that I had plenty of time to learn each of the main characters before they meet each other and then we’re shown how they both grow brave. I loved the writing and the story itself. I’d certainly recommend this to pretty much anybody

WIP Wednesday: Neverending Yarn

I’m hard at work on 2 blankets. The sock blanket is progressing at work because it’s small and I haven’t gotten around to finding a bag for the baby blanket. I just keep putting up on the shelf at night so Hestia kitteh can’t get to it. She’s been quite a pain getting up to my alpacas and pulling those down as it is. But! There’s progress on the baby blanket, a lot!

While the blanket itself is not all that interesting, not a ton of color and not a difficult or changing pattern .. I’m interested in the yarn. That little squiggle of yarn to the side is the last of the first ball of yarn. For several times around now I keep telling myself it’ll run out soon. Yet I keep getting another round and another round. I suspect this is neverending yarn. The waiting ball will be the second. I have 4 or 5 others waiting. This blanket just might end up epic.


Diary of the Displaced Books 1-3 by Glynn James. An interdimensinal traveller chasing after an evil monster but with the small problem of having lost a lot of his memory. I’m nearly done with book 3 and I’ve quite enjoyed it. If this doesn’t tell me how the evil is defeated I’ll have to be on the lookout for more of the story because I really want to know.

WIP Wednesday: Baby Blanket

I still have my stripy socks, and the sock blanket, and the color work gloves … however a friend is expecting a baby in August so naturally I had to drop (nearly) everything to do up a baby blanket for them. I’m using some of the yarn from Talesia’s stash that I found in her boxes. I still miss her dearly .. but passing along something she loved in a way to wrap another in love feels fitting.

I don’t feel like getting out the posterboard and turning on all the lights so you get a phone pic from my lap. That’s also why there’s no pictures of the progress on other pictures. I’m curled up under a fuzzy blanket and don’t wanna move.


Diary of the Displaced: Books 1-3 by Glynn James. I’ve blazed through book 1 and started book 2. It’s an interesting story, though not one I think I’d pursue had I not had the chance to get the first 3. Again, I’m in a weird headspace so no idea.

As a reminder I’m offering charting work as well as my standard sewing and knitting commissions, as per my post yesterday.


First I’ll share my sewing. It’s not technically complete since I need lots more of them and then they’ll all be sewed together but it’s a complete section. I’m pretty pleased with it, despite the errors I see. I see them more as reminders of the lessons I learned while cutting and piecing this block.

Though in terms of blankets, I also finished up and mailed off this baby blanket.

I didn’t get final measurements but it’s large and warm and (according to the expectant mother) simply perfect. It was picked and made with lots of love and happiness so I can see it wrapping the baby up in the same.


Project: Dreamy Lace Baby Throw
Project Page: Ravelry

WIP Wednesday: Blanket x 2

Knitting: Crochet:
I swear the baby blanket is bigger, just 12 more rows (ish) needed before I begin considering when to start the border. I have a more recent picture of the whole deal, here,but it doesn’t look that much changed from last week. Instead I’ll share a better picture of the stitch.

Sew Many Ways is doing a block of the month. I’ve been wanting to get back to sewing and look into quilting again. My first (and only) attempt, back in 2004 or so, was a disaster. I had awesome fabric, a great design for them, and Grandad was enjoying watching me piece it together on my Sunday visits. But I didn’t know I needed to wash the fabric before cutting it so the first time it was washed it fell to pieces. I’ve done a bit more reading this time around, and Karen has such fantastically detailed posts on the block that it’s super easy to follow. Anyhow, first month is Bow Tie Block. Here’s what I have so far.

The story I’ve been posting a chapter a week in, for the writing contest, still continues. I was dropped from the main contest but I’m still fighting for space in the second chance contest. I’m still enjoying the story and getting good feedback so that’s always a plus.


The Inexplicables by Cherie Priest.I am thrilled to be back in one of my favorite worlds from one of my favorite authors. It never fails that I get so caught up in the story that I look up and wonder where the blight is. I jumped on this one just last night but already I’m shaking my head at the protagonist as he makes some seriously questionable decisions. I can’t wait to see old familiar faces show up and see how this story plays out.

WIP Wednesday: Baby Blanket

Well … crochet actually. Either way I’m making a baby blanket. I did a lot more at con than I expected to. But I had several blocks of time to work on it that were somewhat unexpected.

Trying to flesh out the idea I have for this week’s prompt in the writing contest.


A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I’m abut halfway through and really loving the book. I’ve seen the HBO series and enjoyed it. Now I want to watch it again because some of the things that didn’t make as much sense before should be a lot clearer now.

Snuggly Blanket

Okay, either I’ve gotten really adept at this particular pattern … or I managed, somehow, to fall into a rift in time itself! I actually knit this adorable blanket in just 9 days. It may have been that whole giving up sleeping thing. Or perhaps I’ve memorized the pattern far more than I thought I had. Either way, I think it’s gorgeous.

I had a brief moment of pure “oh crap what is wrong with me!!!!” on Saturday thanks to the lovely Dragon, brat that he is. He said that the customer wouldn’t have asked for green and purple. I ignored him, climbed back into the middle of my knitting stuff on the bed, and began the border. Three stitches in I remind myself that I checked the order three times before placing it. At 7 stitches I tell myself that I verified the colors again when I got the yarn in. At 15 stitches I give up, shoot him a dirty look, and check my email to verify what the customer ordered. I was right, he was just bugging me … but then he started giggling. He knew what he’d done alright. Dragon is tricksy like that.


 Mr. Rabbit is the only thing I have around here that’s close to baby sized. Good thing he’s not picky about modeling for me when needed. Isn’t he just adorable when he peeks out like that?

Yeah, I know, I’m in a world of my own. That’s okay, they know me there and serve me chocolate and supply me with yarn.

I was a little nervous about using cotton yarn since I the yarn I’d used before hadn’t been all that great to use. Would it be too harsh on my hands? Would it do as I needed? I should have never worried. This was some ‘really’ soft yarn. I kept getting side tracked and cuddling it. I’ll certainly have to get my hands on more of this stuff and work with it again.

Pattern: Sweet Lullaby Seamless Hooded Blanket by Elizabeth Elliot
Yarn: Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted
Ravelry Page
Mods: None that I know of.

Behind Again

Day 18 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Craft Books.

Craft Books

It somehow seems wrong that the girl with over 1,000 books on her shelves has only 4 craft books. There’s an imbalance there and balance is always necessary. 

 Day 19 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Supplies.


Not all of my creative brain is tied up in knitting. I still have all my supplies for dreamcatchers and even have been working out details on a custom one that’s been requested. This is only 2 of the 4 boxes that I have. On the plus side, the seed beads can also be used for knitting. They’re useful like that.

 Day 20 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Finishing.


I try to do quite a lot of my finishing while the work is in progress, like weaving in ends. It makes it so much easier at the end when I’ve done multiple color changes or used several balls of yarn. Then I’m not staring at a million ends to weave in and feeling the urge to toss the nearly done project into the corner. And yes … that’s the baby blanket in the finishing picture, make of that what you will. *wink*

 Day 21 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Crafting Accompaniments.

Crafting Accompaniments

My husband Lynn has been the biggest supporter of this knitting insanity I’ve dropped into. He accompanies me to yarn stores, listens to me ramble on about fiber content, plays the part of a swift when I’m winding yarn, has attempted to hand wind a ball of yarn for me, makes suggestions on color and design, and handles most of the math for me. I really don’t know what I’d do without his support.