Services Offered: Charting Patterns

I know we all can read or chart our own patterns. However, if you don’t have the time or simply don’t wish to be bothered with it, let me know!

Free patterns only, unless you want to purchase a pattern for my use, in addition to the cost of charting. I’d absolutely hate for any designer feel that I was getting their paid patterns for free.

Here’s an example of my most recent work:


Format will be Microsoft excel so easy to open with Google docs or Open Office. Benefits for colorwork include seeing the stitches laid out before you, in knitting reading order, all repeats listed, with increasing and decreasing notes, plus the ability to hide completed rows. I have not yet done lacework in color, but that is likely the next thing for me to figure out. Though I can do a chart of the symbols, if that’s needed.

2 colors: $5; 3 colors: $8

More than that and we can work it out. And of course I’m always willing to knit on commission, particularly small things. Anything I can do to earn a bit more at the moment is up for discussion.


Spun Yarns

I was on a kick for a while of spinning on a regular basis. And then fighting events took over my free time, rather, the getting ready for them, as well as holiday knitting. Also I was getting a bit frustrated at spinning yarn but not getting to use it as soon as I’d like. Still, I like what I did get done so far.

This is mohair goat and Romney wool. I kept it at singles though to stretch the yardage. I’m not sure what I’ll do with 235 yards of it but I’m sure I’ll find something, perhaps a headband such. I do love the color.

This is superwash merino and was actually the 2nd or 3rd fiber purchase I ever made. This might become a hat as once it was plied it ended up being 206 yards of cushy softness.

Once more I don’t know what the fiber was. I was given a couple rolags at a fiber festival since I’d never tried to spin from them before. 36 yards of green, I’m not sure what it wants to be at all.

This one is my favorite. A gift from a friend a couple years ago, 100% wool. This was in … I wanna say locks (?) in a ziplock baggie so I just randomly grabbed each one, no concern for color or planning. I have 465 yards of singles here and I think it wants to be a shawlette of some sort.

WIP Wednesday: Rhombus Again


So very close to the end of the first one. I’m sure I’ll have it finished by the end of the day and get moving on the mate. There was absolutely zero knitting this weekend but I was quite happy with the fighting and the time with friends.


Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I’m still not sure how I feel about this one yet. However, the fighting and friends previously mentioned are partially to blame as I didn’t read much either.

Year of Crafting 2014


Toirneach Kilt Hose – Yarn, Commission (Tierney)





Sugared Socks – Yarn, Self

Thor Amigurumi – Yarn, Commission (Heather)



Loki Amigurumi x3– Yarn, Commission (Heather)

A Little Something – Yarn, Self



Entrelac Gloves – Yarn, Commission (Sorcha)

Tunic x2 – Sewing, Commission (John, Michael)

Shield Cover – Sewing, Commission (Jon)

Jacob’s Ladder– Sewing, Self



Shield Cover – Sewing, Commission (Uncle)

Glaive Cover – Sewing, Commission (Uncle)

Overdress – Sewing, Self



Green Lantern Washcloth – Yarn, Gift (Scott)

Julissa – Yarn, Self

Shamrock Socks – Yarn, Self



Nine Dwindling Cables – Yarn, Self

Shield Cover – Sewing, Self

Tabard – Sewing, Self



Escargot – Yarn, Self

Tunic x2 – Sewing, Commission (Cameron, Austin)



Entrelac Gloves – Yarn, Commission (Donna)

Sword Cover – Sewing, Commission (Luke)

Pants – Sewing, Commission (Custer)

Tunic – Sewing, Commission (Aries)



Buckler Cover – Sewing, Self



Overdress – Sewing, Self

Herald Tabard x2 – Sewing, (Jon)

Sword Cover x2 – Sewing, (Jon)

Cupcake Hat – Knitting, Gift (Anna)

Twisted Flower Socks – Knitting, Self

Shield Cover x2 – Sewing, Jon / Self

Headband – Knitting, (Jon)

Buckler Cover – Sewing, Self

Cabled Cowl – Knitting, Commission (Alex)

Refreshed Tabard & Overdress – Sewing, Jon/Self

Lotus Hat – Knitting, Self




Knitting – 20

Sewing – 24

Commission / Gifts – 27

Self – 17


I feel that it was a good mix of commissions and selfish work this year, despite occasionally feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work. I started out getting pictures of everything but as the year moved forward and got more chaotic I was less focused on those finished pictures. I was quite distracted by moving forward and getting the next project done.


I want to try to do better on the pictures in the coming year since it’s nice to be able to look back. Also, I need to sit down and update the galleries.

2013 – Year of Yarn

January –

Stump Cover – Gift (Derly)

Skew Socks – Commission (Anita)

Basic Socks – Self

Fairy Defense – Self (100th project!)

Dwarven Beard – Commission (Joe)



Cabled Gloves – Commission (Dusti)

Cowl – Gift (Dusti)

Clapotis – Commission (Dusti)

Octopus – Gift (Dusti)

Dreamy Lace Baby Throw – Commission (Kate)



Dwarven Beard – Commission (Charles)

Weeping Angels – Commission (Kat)

Twisted Waters – Self

Cthulhu Mask – Prototype



Chocolate Cables – Self

Dwarf Beard – Commission (Anthony)

Verona Headband – Self

Wildflowers – Self

Silk Bracelet – Self



Cherie Amour – Self



In Dreams Shawl – Commission (Champagne)



Twi’lek Hat – Commission (Dusti)



Heliotaxis Pi Shawl – Commission (Laura)

Abstract Leaves Cowl – Commission (Laura)


Totals: 22

Commisions / Gifts = 14

Self = 8



Compare to 2012:

Commissions – 23

Gifts – 5

Self – 7

Total Projects – 35


Not bad once you consider I  did 2 giant lace shawls and took on a full time job.

Yarn Silliness

I don’t often share the silly that happens but given then yarn basis of this one I thought you guys might appreciate it.
Me: My yarn stash is exactly 100.
Lynn: Nice round number.
Me: Right, but I have to add these three and when I do that it’ll be 103. That’s not a round number.
Me: 110, that’s a nice round number.
Lynn: So you have to buy 7 more?
Me: I think I do. :nod:
Lynn: Alright then.

I love my silly husband who indulges me and loves me.

Polling the Audience

I’m fairly consistent with WIP Wednesday and FO Friday posts. Is there anything else you’d like to see from me? I do have some designs that I want to work on, it’s just a matter of time.



I’m hoping to begin working on a block of the month with quilting, as well as making more of my clothes. And I of course have spinning that I want to get better at. I’ll never stop knitting but I do want to expand my creative horizons a bit.

2012 Year of Yarn

Camera Gloves – Gift (Dragon)
Fingerless Gloves – Gift (Dragon)
Clara Cowl – Self
Brambles Beret – Commission (Susan)

Fireworks Gloves – Commission (Kelli)
Drop Stitch Scarf – Commission (Kelli)
Fireworks Gloves – Commission (Raevyn)
Hooded Baby Blanket – Commission (Tanya)

Chinook Shawl – Commission (Laura)
Fireworks Gloves – Gift (Miss Kid)

Chinook Shawl – Commission (Carol)
Bubbles Socks – Gift (Julie)
Piano Scarf – Commission (Laura)

Autobot Scarf – Commission (Rebecca)
Decepticon Scarf – Commission (Rebecca)

Flippy the Bat – Gift (Dusti)
Wussypillows Beret – Commission (Fiona)
Fingerless Gloves – Commission (Laura)


Omelet Shawl – Commission (Jane)
Circle Socks – Self
Triforce Pillows – Commission (Bren)

Piano Scarf – Commission (Amy)
Curvy Lace Socks – Self

Bear Sweater – Commission (Dragon)
Skew Socks – Self
Cabled Glovelets – Self
Binary Cable Hat – Self
Butterfly Hat – Self

Skew Socks – Commission (Kelli)
Skew Socks – Commission (Kelli)

Skew Socks – Commission (Kelli)
Skew Socks – Commission (Kelli)
Fireworks Mitts – Commission (Raevyn)
Highlander Balmoral Bonnet – Commission (Amy)
Fire & Ice Gloves – Commission (Amy)
Thorny – Gift (Margie)

Commissions – 23
Gifts – 6
Self – 7
Projects – 36

Exactly the same number of projects as last year but I also published 3 patterns so I count that as a win. I still have a list of all the lovely things I want to knit from my stash this year but we’ll see how the commissions affect that. I do love hearing what people come up with and making it for them.