Last Years Finishes

There were a couple things I finished last year but didn’t share here because they were waiting for gifting. Mid January our friends got together for our gift exchange.

One of my friends gifted me this gorgeous purple and green yarn to see if I could do anything with it. I happened to come across a picture of this exact colorway in The Age of Brass and Steam shawl and knew it was perfect.

I had so much yarn left over when I bound off that I did a bit of math. I picked out the bind off and added in another half section of the first part and all of the second part before binding off again. I absolutely love how the stripes work beautifully with this pattern. Plus it’s super soft and snuggly. She loved the return gift of a finished thing with the yarn she fell in love with.

Pattern: Age of Brass and Steam
Yarn: Red heart Unforgettable in Dragonfly
Project: Ravelry

In one of my stash rummmages I turned up this lovely alpaca yarn in a cream color that I knew I wanted to work with but it’s not particularly a color that I wear often. However … I have a another friend that looks amazing in this shade. So after finding out that she would like either a hat or gloves equally I decided on a hat so I could use up as much of the yarn as possible.

it worked out fantastically as it’s a great use of the yarn, it’s warm and cozy, and she loves it. Also, it’s stunning on her. She’ll be getting a lot more knit gifts as I have lots of odds in colors that aren’t my style but are perfect for her.

Pattern: Latu
Yarn: Unknown natural Alpaca (the cat stole the ball band)
Project: Ravelry


WIP Wednesday: Gloves and Socks

I’m kinda creating again. Mostly I’m starting things and losing steam or finishing things and not being happy with them. I don’t know that I’m getting past the grief or coping any better .. maybe I’m just hiding behind a giant mask, it’s hard to tell. Anyhow, I am actually a bit happy with the gloves I’m working on. Specially since I charted out the pattern in excel with notes for when the thumb begins and when the hand is done. The chart doesn’t match up from side a to side b so the number were quickly going to be off. Plus with it being in excel I can hide the rows I’ve already done.


I’ve also started new stripy socks, which means the previous socks are finished. Though I didn’t do enough of the leg and not only do I have a ton of yarn left over, they’re shorter than I’d like. Plus I went down a size for ribbing and forgot to go back up a size to bind off, so they’re a tad too tight. I’ll pull it out and redo the binding.

I thought about re-connecting the yarn and making the socks longer .. .but then I’m not sure the stripes would line up just so and apparently that bothers me more than I expected it too. It makes sense after all, that’s why I’m so careful to start the exactly in the same spot. Just means I have more to add to the blanket.


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Borderlands, mostly on the hunter, he’s finally up to level 21. I wanted to punch things so I started a bezerker the other night and he’s level 7 or 8 now. Though I know sniper will always be my favorite of any character.


The Night Bird by Brian Freeman. I’ve been reading a bit more, it’s easier to insert myself into a different world. I’ve liked this one, the way the author strings the words together and the pictures he paints with them.

And … if you’re still hanging around after all this silence on my part. Thank you. I’m trying to get back into things. The grief hits at odd times and I still don’t know how to deal with it. Thank you for sharing this part of things with me.


I have no pictures for you today. I have finished the gloves and I restarted the heels on my socks. But I’ve been creating very little.

Normally creating is a balm to the soul. Currently I find myself sleeping a lot.

My stepdaughter from my last marriage took her own life at the beginning of the month. She would have been 16 at the end of March.

I’m very slowly coming out of this depression; creating, friends, and family have been a boon in this time of grief. But at the moment I don’t know when I’ll have more pictures.

In lieu of knitting pictures I give you pictures of this beautiful girl and ask that you share the link, donate if you can. And if you have young ones in your life … hug them tight and let them know you’re there for them, you love them. There’s never enough time.


Talesia Memorial fund.

WIP Wednesday: Lacy Wrist Warmers

I feel like this week has been about stepping back. I started the heels on my socks but I need to pull them out and begain again as it’s not as clean as it could be. This wrist warmer had about 20 rows pulled out last night as I’d gone wrong somewhere with the counting. It’s much better now. There’s still a bit of laddering between the needles, no matter how much I try to fix it. So .. I’ve decided it’s just going to be a design element.


Princeps’ Fury by Jim Butcher. I can’t leave this world and while I want to rocket to the end and see how everything settles … I also want it to last quite a bit longer.

WIP Wednesday: Bunny and Socks

After just a week I have nearly a full bunny. The only piece left is the stomach. I picked up the stuffing and safety eyes last night so one I have the last bit knit then I can sew it all together.

The current stripy socks are nearly done too, just a heel for each of them and they’ll be added to the rotation. I made these quite a bit shorter than previous stripy socks but now I have a blanket to add the excess to so I’m not as obsessed about using all the yarn in the socks.


Captain’s Fury by Jim Butcher. I’m still blasting through this series and absolutely loving it.

WIP Wednesday: Bunny and Gloves

I had just enough lace weight to give these gloves a try. Somewhere, on this row or the last patterned row I messed up. Of course I figured this out while quickly losing light and traveling 70mph down the freeway to our camping event on Friday. So they got set aside until I have time to look at them and figure it out.

And since those aren’t time sensitive … I started on a project that is on a deadline. A friend asked if I could make a bunny for her nephew. Knit up a cute toy? Yes! So far I’ve started the legs and the back. It made a lot more sense once I figured out that I have to make two.

I’ve also been zooming through the stripy socks. Now that I have a plan for the remains I think I’ll bind off at the end of this color. I think that plus making the heel from the lighter colors will balance them and then I’ll have plenty for my blanket.


Cursor’s Fury by Jim Butcher. I really love that I have all these and can just fly through them one after the other. I’m really enjoying the story and the pacing, plus the little twists the story takes is keeping me very entertained.

WIP Wednesday: Feet Things

First off, these needles! I got the Hiya Hiya interchangable set for Christmas and I’ve already knit two hats, a shirt, and a bootie on them. They are so incredibly wonderful. Smoother than any I’ve worked with before and the joins, oh so lovely and swively. Anyhow, this scrap of garter stitch will become the second bootie of the set and I’ll likely see it done before the day is out. And no, none of these baby things are for me, a friend is due this month.

I’ve also made a lot of headway on the stripy socks. For the first time I’ve switched to a size 0 for the ribbing. Hopefully this will fix the stretchiness that happens at some point during the day. I need to pull the yarn for the heel but I think these will be done fairly soon if we keep up with movie and game nights.

No pictures because it’s all black duck cloth. But I have cut out 4 tabards for friends for the event coming up on the 13th. I also have grey linen for a double thick tunic for another friend. So much to get done before then.


Academ’s Fury by Jim Butcher. I’m very glad I have several of these on my kindle and I’m finally making time for them. I’m quite enjoying the adventures of Tavi and his friends. I very much want to see what happens to their home.

Year of Crafting

Elisa Shawl – Knitting, Self
Green Tabbard – Sewing, Jon
Ballband Dishcloth – Knitting, Self
Mitered Dishcloth – Knitting, Self

Lafrowda Dishcloth – Knitting, Self
Single Crochet Dishcloth – Crochet, Self
Target Dishcloth – Crochet, Self
Black Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Holmes)
Spiral Dishcloth – Crochet, Self
2 Cable Beanie – Knitting, Self
Pretty Chilly – Knitting, Self
Black Tunic – Sewing, Jon
Brown Tabard – Sewing, Jon
Green Tabard – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Spiral Cowl – Knitting, Self
Gummy Stripes – Knitting, Self

Green / Brown Tabard – Sewing, Gift (Lycus)
Green / Brown Tabard – Sewing, Gift (Toan)
Brown Linen Tunic – Sewing, Jon
Brown Dress – Sewing, Self

In & Out Socks – Knitting, Self

Toesies – Knitting, Self
Ax Cover – Sewing, Jon

Worsted Weight Socks – Knitting, Commission (Kelli T)
Twilight Rose Beanie – Knitting, Gift (Anna)
Swirl Hat – Knitting, Gift (Bruce)

Make-up Cloth – Knitting, Self
Bruce Socks – Knitting, Gift (Bruce)
Ember’s Tunic – Sewing, Commission (Ember)
Antiphon’s Tunic – Sewing, Commission (Antiphon)
Smocked Sweater – Knitting, Gift (Anna)

Smocked & Awed – Knitting, Gift (Anna)
Toddler Sweater – Knitting, Gift (Bruce)
Green Facecloth – Knitting, Self
Purple Tabard – Sewing, Commission (Aries)
Circle Cloth – Knitting, Self
Facecoth x7 – Knitting, Self
Green & Brown Mini Square – Sewing, Self

Dyed Green Tunic – Sewing, Jon
Team Headband – Knitting, Gift (Valinor)
Wizard Stripe Socks – Knitting, Self
Forest Hood – Knitting Self

Age of Brass and Steam Shawl – Knitting, Gift (Batsy)
Latu Hat – Knitting, Gift (Ember)
Black Knit Hat – Knitting, Jon
2 Color Heart Hat – Knitting, Gift (Ariel)
Newborn Heart Hat – Knitting, Gift (Ariel)

The last few sewing projects are not documented as photobucket is refusing to let me upload, it keeps throwing me back to the log in screen. There’s also a couple gifts that I haven’t posted finished posts for as I don’t want to spoil the surprise. And the last couple will be part of a larger post once I finish the rest of the set that I have planned.

I finished a total of 53 projects this year.

35 were Knitting
03 were Crochet
15 were Sewing

Further break down of these:
27 were for me
07 were for Jon
11 were gifts
08 were commissions


Year End Finishes

I finished up a few things that haven’t been documented yet. There’ll be another post in Jan about gift finishes as I don’t want to ruin surprises that haven’t been given yet.

First up is this hood I made myself.

I’ve already used it, the one day it was quite cold when we had practice. I didn’t fight that day so I’m still not sure how that will work out but it did cut down on the cold on my ears. Plus this paired with my shawl was great around my neck.

I’m still not sure about the short rows in the back but I suspect I did something wrong and after a wash or two they’ll smooth out.

Pattern: Friend of the Forest Hood by Gretchen Tracy
Project: Ravelry

I also finished up another set of stripy socks.

I always love my stripy socks. These ended up with the heel placed perfectly and I used them for heel placement on the next set.

Project: Ravelry

Lastly I have a hat for the hubby. He wanted a hat he could wear while fighting, for those colder days. So standard acrylic it is!

He’s a very simple guy so it was a super fast knit. Plus I can throw it in the wash after he spends 4 hours sword fighting and it’s soaked. Win!

Pattern: Knit Hat by Kathy North
Project: Ravelry



Children’s Raglan Sweater

I wanted to make something for the nephew but I also wanted to try something new. I had a whole bunch of yarn, plenty for a sweater, even if I made the size 4 year old rather than the 2 year old. The nephew is a big, and quickly growing bigger, boy. What better way to do this than to give a raglan style a try? Small enough that I can’t really get mad if I have to rip back, and yet tons of mindless knitting to help catch up on the to watch queue.

It’s a good sweater, will keep him nice and warm for this cold season and possibly even the next. And if he does grow out of it … it’ll still fit his sister for a bit.

He had a bit of a panic when it first went on, but he calmed down in mama’s arms.

He was a very tired little boy but I think he’ll like the sweater. And I was wrong about having enough. I was about 50 yards short so we ended up buying another skein and now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of it. This is the opposite of clearing out the stash. Though I would make this pattern again. The instructions were great and it came together easily.

Pattern: Childrens Raglan Sweater by Nina Figenschau
Project: Ravelry
Yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby in Chocolate