WIP Wednesday: Gloves and Socks

I’m kinda creating again. Mostly I’m starting things and losing steam or finishing things and not being happy with them. I don’t know that I’m getting past the grief or coping any better .. maybe I’m just hiding behind a giant mask, it’s hard to tell. Anyhow, I am actually a bit happy with the gloves I’m working on. Specially since I charted out the pattern in excel with notes for when the thumb begins and when the hand is done. The chart doesn’t match up from side a to side b so the number were quickly going to be off. Plus with it being in excel I can hide the rows I’ve already done.


I’ve also started new stripy socks, which means the previous socks are finished. Though I didn’t do enough of the leg and not only do I have a ton of yarn left over, they’re shorter than I’d like. Plus I went down a size for ribbing and forgot to go back up a size to bind off, so they’re a tad too tight. I’ll pull it out and redo the binding.

I thought about re-connecting the yarn and making the socks longer .. .but then I’m not sure the stripes would line up just so and apparently that bothers me more than I expected it too. It makes sense after all, that’s why I’m so careful to start the exactly in the same spot. Just means I have more to add to the blanket.


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Borderlands, mostly on the hunter, he’s finally up to level 21. I wanted to punch things so I started a bezerker the other night and he’s level 7 or 8 now. Though I know sniper will always be my favorite of any character.


The Night Bird by Brian Freeman. I’ve been reading a bit more, it’s easier to insert myself into a different world. I’ve liked this one, the way the author strings the words together and the pictures he paints with them.

And … if you’re still hanging around after all this silence on my part. Thank you. I’m trying to get back into things. The grief hits at odd times and I still don’t know how to deal with it. Thank you for sharing this part of things with me.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Gloves and Socks

  1. iknead2knit says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers.


  2. Jeannie Gray says:

    I’ve got The Night Bird hanging out on my Kindle but I keep skipping over it each time I start a new book. After reading your thoughts, I may que it up next.


    • I can’t say I love it but that’s just because of my current state of mind. However, I’m going to put the author on my watch list and grab other novels by him. I’d recommend it very much, particularly if you like suspense.


  3. Still sending all the love and healing vibes. ❤ Those new gloves,o.m.g. they are fabulous! Totally worth the excel work imo!


    • You are the sweetest. ❤

      They're pretty awesome, and thick and cushy. I've got open spots on my commissions list, until people start getting me yarn. 😉

      I don't mind the excel work, it's a little relaxing and feels like a mix of coding and painting.


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