WIP Wednesday: Feet Things

First off, these needles! I got the Hiya Hiya interchangable set for Christmas and I’ve already knit two hats, a shirt, and a bootie on them. They are so incredibly wonderful. Smoother than any I’ve worked with before and the joins, oh so lovely and swively. Anyhow, this scrap of garter stitch will become the second bootie of the set and I’ll likely see it done before the day is out. And no, none of these baby things are for me, a friend is due this month.

I’ve also made a lot of headway on the stripy socks. For the first time I’ve switched to a size 0 for the ribbing. Hopefully this will fix the stretchiness that happens at some point during the day. I need to pull the yarn for the heel but I think these will be done fairly soon if we keep up with movie and game nights.

No pictures because it’s all black duck cloth. But I have cut out 4 tabards for friends for the event coming up on the 13th. I also have grey linen for a double thick tunic for another friend. So much to get done before then.


Academ’s Fury by Jim Butcher. I’m very glad I have several of these on my kindle and I’m finally making time for them. I’m quite enjoying the adventures of Tavi and his friends. I very much want to see what happens to their home.


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