Year of Crafting

Elisa Shawl – Knitting, Self
Green Tabbard – Sewing, Jon
Ballband Dishcloth – Knitting, Self
Mitered Dishcloth – Knitting, Self

Lafrowda Dishcloth – Knitting, Self
Single Crochet Dishcloth – Crochet, Self
Target Dishcloth – Crochet, Self
Black Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Holmes)
Spiral Dishcloth – Crochet, Self
2 Cable Beanie – Knitting, Self
Pretty Chilly – Knitting, Self
Black Tunic – Sewing, Jon
Brown Tabard – Sewing, Jon
Green Tabard – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Spiral Cowl – Knitting, Self
Gummy Stripes – Knitting, Self

Green / Brown Tabard – Sewing, Gift (Lycus)
Green / Brown Tabard – Sewing, Gift (Toan)
Brown Linen Tunic – Sewing, Jon
Brown Dress – Sewing, Self

In & Out Socks – Knitting, Self

Toesies – Knitting, Self
Ax Cover – Sewing, Jon

Worsted Weight Socks – Knitting, Commission (Kelli T)
Twilight Rose Beanie – Knitting, Gift (Anna)
Swirl Hat – Knitting, Gift (Bruce)

Make-up Cloth – Knitting, Self
Bruce Socks – Knitting, Gift (Bruce)
Ember’s Tunic – Sewing, Commission (Ember)
Antiphon’s Tunic – Sewing, Commission (Antiphon)
Smocked Sweater – Knitting, Gift (Anna)

Smocked & Awed – Knitting, Gift (Anna)
Toddler Sweater – Knitting, Gift (Bruce)
Green Facecloth – Knitting, Self
Purple Tabard – Sewing, Commission (Aries)
Circle Cloth – Knitting, Self
Facecoth x7 – Knitting, Self
Green & Brown Mini Square – Sewing, Self

Dyed Green Tunic – Sewing, Jon
Team Headband – Knitting, Gift (Valinor)
Wizard Stripe Socks – Knitting, Self
Forest Hood – Knitting Self

Age of Brass and Steam Shawl – Knitting, Gift (Batsy)
Latu Hat – Knitting, Gift (Ember)
Black Knit Hat – Knitting, Jon
2 Color Heart Hat – Knitting, Gift (Ariel)
Newborn Heart Hat – Knitting, Gift (Ariel)

The last few sewing projects are not documented as photobucket is refusing to let me upload, it keeps throwing me back to the log in screen. There’s also a couple gifts that I haven’t posted finished posts for as I don’t want to spoil the surprise. And the last couple will be part of a larger post once I finish the rest of the set that I have planned.

I finished a total of 53 projects this year.

35 were Knitting
03 were Crochet
15 were Sewing

Further break down of these:
27 were for me
07 were for Jon
11 were gifts
08 were commissions



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