Children’s Raglan Sweater

I wanted to make something for the nephew but I also wanted to try something new. I had a whole bunch of yarn, plenty for a sweater, even if I made the size 4 year old rather than the 2 year old. The nephew is a big, and quickly growing bigger, boy. What better way to do this than to give a raglan style a try? Small enough that I can’t really get mad if I have to rip back, and yet tons of mindless knitting to help catch up on the to watch queue.

It’s a good sweater, will keep him nice and warm for this cold season and possibly even the next. And if he does grow out of it … it’ll still fit his sister for a bit.

He had a bit of a panic when it first went on, but he calmed down in mama’s arms.

He was a very tired little boy but I think he’ll like the sweater. And I was wrong about having enough. I was about 50 yards short so we ended up buying another skein and now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of it. This is the opposite of clearing out the stash. Though I would make this pattern again. The instructions were great and it came together easily.

Pattern: Childrens Raglan Sweater by Nina Figenschau
Project: Ravelry
Yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby in Chocolate


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