Washcloth Bonanza

I had just enough of this purple cotton to make a small washcloth. Or so I thought.

But the missing corner doesn’t really matter. See, the size is perfect for a make up cloth and it’s the exact amount of scrubby that I need to take my make up off but leave my skin.

I found some green cotton. Surely this is enough to do a small washcloth. I’ll even go down two needle sizes to be sure.

Nope. But it’s still good. Still a perfectly serviceable washcloth.

Then I found the last of the multicolor cotton I used for the niece last Christmas. There’s a ton of this I thought. I’ll make a full sized washcloth.

Yep, plenty. It’s a little wonky because while watching tv on the last 5 rows I some how managed to pick up a dpn that was 2 sizes smaller than what I had been using through the rest of the wash cloth. But it was just one. You’d think I’d have noticed at some point that they were not the same … or one was salmon colored and the other red. But nope. Meh, washcloth. It works as intended and lives in my bathroom. Nobody will care.

And I still had plenty of that yarn left over. Surely this is enough to do a small makeup cloth. In fact, I had so much left over that I just kept making them, 7 times.

One of these days I might be better at eye balling the amount left over but in the meanwhile I have plenty of make up removers. Unless I find more random bits of cotton. Then I’m sure I’ll need more.


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