WIP Wednesday: Simple Things

I just started this shawl so it’s super tiny. It’s a very basic pattern, The Age of Brass and Steam, but so far it makes me happy. I’m struggling a bit with the yarn as it’s a loosely spun single ply but I think it’ll look awesome in this uncomplicated pattern and the upcoming color changes will be pretty.

Speaking of color changes I found another tiny bit of the same colorway that I started the blanket in. I knew it existed, since I used two balls to make the socks but I wasn’t sure where it’d gotten off to. I added that in and kept the colors lined up and then added in the scraps from the most recent stripy sock finish. I’m a tad annoyed that a couple of the colors lined up the way they did but I’ll get over it. Once several more colors are added I doubt it will really be noticeable. I have the next pair of yarn balls wound up and ready to cast on but I haven’t started them yet. I should soon though, in case we have any surprise movie time that’s not at home.


Wolves of the Northern Rift by Jon Messenger. I’m enjoying this so I’m torn between wanting to devour it and wanting to take it slow.


One thought on “WIP Wednesday: Simple Things

  1. your shawl looks delightful and the single ply looks fine to me!! I love the color 🙂


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