WIP Wednesday: Too Much

I’m equally overwhelmed with how much I have in progress and very much wanting to cast on new things. Of course, the things I want to cast on are sweaters so I’d have to buy yarn. Meanwhile, I know I shouldn’t buy yarn right now (despite indulging in the current KnitPicks Felici restock). Okay, I know I most certainly should not buy sweater quantities of yarn right now. On the plus side, I’m close to finishing a couple things.

I have the stripey socks that are missing one heel and weaving in the ends. I’m also considering taking out the last color change and rebinding off. On the one hand, maybe a tad tight will help keep them up, also I don’t want to do it, on the other hand, they’re a tad tight and that might be uncomfortable later.

I’m also close to finished on the hood that I’ve been working on. I have increases for the one side done which leaves the other side, sewing the top, and the edging. With the weather finally changing it will be a nice addition to the fighting garb.

With another pair of stripy socks nearing completion I have more stripy yarn to add to the blanket. Plus I found a bit of leftover from the last set while I was cleaning out a bag to store the in progress headbands in. So I’m adding that before adding in the newest set. At least it’s already joined and wound into a ball to add in as soon as I finish up this bit.

The quilt square for Harley and Joker is still sitting there mocking me. I have 2 of the 4 squares sewn. I need to recalculate my half square triangles for the other 2 squares. I keep freezing up on that because while it’s just fabric, if I’m wrong then it’s wasted time, if not fabric.

I also need to pull out the black duckcloth and cut the pieces for my new overdress. That also means I’d need to pull out the table and iron it all though and I’m not ready to deal with that much room being taken up by a table right now

I’m spending a lot of time either catching up on tv shows or sinking time into Lego The Force Awakens. One of them gives me some knitting time also, so that’s a bit helpful.

Wolves of the Northern Rift by Jon Messenger. I haven’t a clue what this is about. It’s just next in the list as I finished another book today. So I cracked this one open today, read perhaps 3 lines and we’ll see what’s next.


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