80’s Throwback

A friend saw that I had 2 skeins of this yarn in my stash and I was looking to get rid of them. She loved the colors and said it reminded her of Stranger Things. She also said that I should sit myself down and watch it because I’d probably love it.

I plopped myself down and cast on for these for her while the 1st episode started playing. I bound off the last stitch about 5 minutes before the end of the season finale. She was so spot on. That was an incredible show and these colors fit in perfectly with it. Stranger Things had everything I loved about horror in the 80’s. And now we have a favorite show we share and a pair of socks to warm her feet in those perfectly 80’s colors.

I confess, these are not the finished socks. After these pictures I noticed that they were a bit short and she’d mentioned she wanted them a bit looser. So I unpicked the toe and added some stripes. I didn’t get pictures of that before I mailed them off but she says they fit perfectly and that’s what matters.

Pattern: Worsted Weight Socks by Cheryl Worswick
Yarn: Kroy Socks in Burnished Sierra Stripes
Project page: Ravelry

I even had enough left over to make some tiny socks for the little nephew.

Pattern: Mostly winged, but notes are on the Rav page.
Project Page: Ravelry


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