In & Out Plus Toetsies

“Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue”

I have often ignored traditions for various things, or created my own. But this one, I wanted to keep this one. And while my dress was quite blue in various places I had something else in mind. I had a skein of Cascade Yarns Heritage, color royal, in my stash for a bit. It was the perfect color.

First I started with a project that had nothing to do with the wedding.

I loved this pattern. I’m one closer to finishing Knit. Sock. Love by Cookie A. I love when the feet are complimentary. They’re a little more snug than I normally go for but delightfully so.

As always the pattern was easy to follow and fairly quick to knit up. They were also a lovely distraction from the wedding / honeymoon planning.

Pattern: In & Out by Cookie A.

Then came the real reason I wanted this yarn. I knew which shoes I’d be wearing for the wedding, some platform mary janes that I adore. They have little skulls on the straps. Nothing else was as perfect as these for me. I wanted some tiny little socks to wear with them, a little added cushion but not visible. I have several of the no show socks for heels but I wanted to make these myself.

I think I did the heel a bit short as they wanted to slip off almost instantly but they were still good for the wedding and provided the needed cushion, at least for the ceremony. I kicked the heels off and wore a pair of black keds for the pictures and reception.

Pattern: Toetsies by ela m.


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