Game Review: 7 Grand Steps, Step 1: What Ancients Begat

Platform: Steam/PC

Controls: Keyboard & Mousepad

Acquired: I purchased.


Oh ugh. I only managed a mere 46 minutes and I kinda want those minutes back.

The premise is making choices for your people as they age and continuing through their kids. Maybe there’s a payoff at the end and it goes somewhere. The game play is conducted through a roulette wheel type thing. You earn coins to spend toward skills and as your skills advance you are given friends / neighbors to help out (but they take some of your coins).

The setting is ancient Egypt, the fertile crescent. There’s crocodiles at the bottom of the wheel and if you don’t spend coins carefully to advance your people evenly they fall backward into the crocs. You are supposed to earn enough special coins to create relics which advance your time period.

It didn’t feel like gameplay, it felt like bad gambling. I’m sure there’s a background algorithm to decide what gives you coins and how many but it never specified.

This was an incredibly boring game, thus the short play time. This is not a game I’d recommend to anybody unless you just have a thing for a wheel spinning or stories about ancient Egypt.


Rating: 1/5


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