WIP Wednesday: Facecloth

The first bit of yarn I could grab out of the bin was some more kitchen cotton and I need more cloths for removing my makeup so there we go. It’s not my favorite and I’m itching to do something else but my order for the needles I’d need was canceled since they ran out of stock. Gotta fill the time.

I did a thing. I also messed up the math somehow while doing the thing. I know how I’ll fix it but I also need to figure out where my math went wrong. Luckily my best friend is aces with numbers and is looking at it.


Anomaly Flats by Clayton Smith. This has a very Lovecraftian / Welcome to Night Vale feel to it, with stronger language. I’ve enjoyed it though.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Facecloth

  1. Gracey says:

    I love the colors of the “thing” cant wait to see it


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