Handspun Cowl

This is a dream completion.

This fiber is one of the first fibers I bought, it was the first one that grabbed me, gorgeous in all my favorite colors.

It was the one I set aside until I was good enough. I finally got over that. I wasn’t what I’d had in mind as “good enough” when I decided to sit down and spin this treat. But I was better than I was and I wanted to reward myself with some rich colors flowing through my fingers and transforming.


Jon helped me name it, Dunes at Dusk. It’s beautiful and incredibly soft. It’s far better than I had in mind as what I’d create if I were “good enough”. Now it was time to plan what it’d become. While I loved having it around and simply enjoying petting it … I wanted to fully make use of it. Enter a basic pattern for a cowl.

I wanted a pattern that would truly show off that yarn and let it be the star. A cute picot edge adds just the right amount of interest.

I’m so glad I didn’t wait until I was “good enough”. It’s one of my very favorite pieces that I’ve finished.


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