Giant Sewing Post

I finished a lot of things while on my hiatus. There was so much to do and it was easier to put my head down and just sew it all. I have more on my list of stuff to sew but let’s get caught up on what I finished earlier this year.

There were a lot of tabbards.

There were several tunics


There was a dress

And there was an ax cover

The last set of tunics is a pair that I’m particularly proud of. I used a new way to put on a different type of trim and I calculated perfectly for the curves of my beautiful friend. They were both very happy with the feel of the lighterweight linen and said it was fantastic on the field, no binding at all when swinging weapons around. The ax cover was also an interesting bit, as it was completely off the normal weapon cover shape, particularly with the beard. I had to do a bit of hand sewing in that spot.


2 thoughts on “Giant Sewing Post

  1. It has been awhile since I have done any true clothesmaking since quilting has taken over such a big part of my life and creativity. I can tell you have put numerous hours into sewing and creating all these costumes. I am quite impressed with how professional they all look. Thanks for sharing and linking up with this week’s TGIFF.


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