Game Review: Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders

Platform: Steam/PC

Controls: Keyboard & Mousepad

Acquired: I purchased.


Agatha Christie has been a name I’ve known for most of my life. I feel like the books have always been a thing I knew about and I think I even tried to read one at some point in my earlier years. I suspect I might have been too young for it.

The game is a point and click where you try to solve mysteries. It’s very slow paced. I couldn’t find ways to speed anything up, like the speech, or skip parts that I’ve already read before the person finished speaking. Though, the speech was clear, easy to understand, and had different voices for different people so that was enjoyable. The artwork was also clean and nice to look at. It felt old, but in a charming way that some of the newer, shinier games can’t quite capture.

You search areas for clues by moving your mouse pointer over the screen and it zeroes in when you finally close in on a clue. A mini game of putting clues together to answer questions is also present.

The game doesn’t really need you to do deductive reasoning as it leads you through everything. It felt like a little too much hand holding for my taste, though if I were younger, or the stay at home wife / insomniac that I once was, I’d probably feel it was worth my time.

I managed 86 minutes before I felt that I’d gotten as much out of it as I was going to. I added it to the meh folder and I suspect that I might one day reinstall it again. But for the moment I have other games that I want to try out.

Rating: 3/5


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