WIP Wednesday: Child’s Sweater

Somehow this child’s sweater hopped onto my needles because there’s a little boy that’s behind on knit things when compared to his sister. I suspect it’ll go pretty fast as once it’s past the ribbing I’ll be on to the straight knitting and I can work on it anywhere. Though I’m going to try to use this vast amount of stockinette to work on continental knitting instead of throwing.

I haven’t had a chance to start on the next game up for testing out but hopefully tonight I’ll finally have a chance to play a bit of Bard’s Tale.


Perceptions by Lee Strauss. I’m a bit over halfway on this and it’s pretty standard fare. Privileged girl in a genetically modified world has her world altered and sees some of the dirt behind the facade. She falls in love with an underprivileged boy and they team up. It’s not a bad version of it but nor is it so fantastic that I’ll go hunting down others. Now, if they fall into my lap then I’ll more than likely read them.


One thought on “WIP Wednesday: Child’s Sweater

  1. Carie says:

    It’s a challenge to balance out the knits isn’t it – I suspect my biggest girl gets more than her sister because little sis gets all the handmedowns so every now and then I have to knit something just for her!


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