WIP Wednesday: Blanket and Socks

Well, I came to the end of my first sock yarn sooner than I thought. Of course I also had 2 four hour shifts at the event this past weekend so plenty of time to work on them while waiting for people to sign in. I knew this was a long term project but now I’m wanting to finish my current stripy socks super fast so I can add more to this. :laugh:

Speaking of the current stripy socks … I did also do a bit of work on these while at the event since I didn’t take another project with me. I thought about it and meant to ask the hubby to grab my other project but then completely forgot. Ah well, work on these is good and I still finished the other project shortly after we got home. Today I verified that I have quite a lot of yarn left though I should remove the lengths I’ll need for the heel before too much longer. I can’t wait to have another pair of socks to add into the rotation.

Of course, despite knowing that I should focus on the socks and finish them up I’m looking at using the last of the yarn left over from the smocked sweater to do a child’s hat, probably a beret, plus a sweater for a toddler, oh, and another facecloth from some scrap green cotton. Never enough to do I guess.

I’ve been playing Antichamber, an indie game that I  was super interested in when I first heard about it. It’s a puzzle / maze game. I love the various ways that you have to look at things to get through the puzzles and the little signs along the walls. I just found my first ring and I’m experimenting with that. I’ll probably give it a little break as I want to try other things as well but I’ll certainly be coming back to it and seeing if I can finish it.


A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter. I just have a few pages left on this book. If I happen across the other 2 books in the trilogy I’ll certainly grab them. The story reminds me a bit of Twilight but better written with multifaceted characters.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Blanket and Socks

  1. Silke says:

    I made two pairs of socks this summer with the same stripey yarn, but different colorways. And I wasn’t as meticulous as you starting both socks with the same color so the stripes match up. 🙂


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