WIP Wednesday: Wizard Stripes

These are making progress thanks to a couple movie nights. Though I’m now at the point where I’ll have to start considering the heel, I think it might be after this next color. Then I’ll just knit away until I only have enough left for the heels.Truly mindless knitting. I have some other yarn wound up but I want to get these to a row or two after the afterthought heel marker so I don’t have to measure anymore.

Oh man, I got some lovely game time in on Memorial Day. Somebody suggested we do stuff and I said no, I’m going to play video games. I hit up Salt & Sanctuary, Doom, and Fallout 4 with appropriate breaks for my wrist. I even had a nap in the middle of the day. So wonderful.

Venue payments have been sorted out. The outfits have supposedly shipped last Wednesday. The bouquets are being put together by my wedding planner. I have the thread to start making the hair accessories. I need to order the leather for the belts. We’ll pick up our wedding license on Friday. And we leave for our week-long honeymoon in just 17 days. The wedding is in 52 days. I have faith it’ll all settle into place.


Amid the Shadows by Michael C. Grumley. Had I known this was more a Christian mystery I likely wouldn’t have bothered. The author wants to be the next Dan Brown but there’s more talk about God’s plan. And all that’s fine if it’s what I was looking for but some of that should have been mentioned in the blurb about the story.


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