The Rare Request

78 days to the wedding and life kinda hit us in the stomach, hard. Our only car was totaled when a girl pulled out in front of Jon and there was no way he could stop fast enough. We’ll likely get nothing from it as we still owed a bit on it. Meanwhile, we still have to find another car, plus probably pay off the totaled car. We couldn’t afford a 2nd car payment, thus only the one car. And now he’s been a week out of work since he’s a delivery driver and can’t work without a car.

We’re looking at possibly having to cancel things, like the honeymoon trip to camp out and fight for a week. If you want to throw money at us, that would be awesome; as little as $5 would be a appreciated. If not, that’s cool too, I just wanted to see if we could get a little help.

We don’t have a registry, just the gofundme. We live in about 300sf, so not a lot of room for stuff, and no kitchen so most of what I’d ask for I don’t have a need for at the moment. All the money in the gofundme is being considered as wedding gifts, first to help pay off the venue, then to pay for the honeymoon, and finally, if there’s anything left over, household things that we would have put on the registry, like bed and bath items.

I just really want to make this the best wedding / honeymoon ever for the man I love. He says I just have to be there for that, but I’d like awesome memories of a beautiful day and an incredible week of doing the thing we love, together.


Kane & Shadow’s Wedding Fund


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