Ode to the Best Friend a Girl Could Have

My sweet, darling puppy.


I miss you so much.


When I first saw Nox she was pressed to the front of the cage bars looking down at the floor. She was scared of heights and they had her in the top crate. She didn’t cower at the back of the cage, instead she sat at the front and stared her fear in the face. When I opened the cage to visit with her she instantly trusted that I wouldn’t drop her. She nuzzled so hard while sitting in my lap it was as though she was trying to merge with me.


She was my birthday present and I often called her my precious. We never bothered to work out her actual birthday but instead celebrated her birthday with mine. She nearly always had a treat of some sort.




More than once my first husband would drive me into a panic attack with his abuse and behaviour. She would often crawl into my lap and bring me out of the inner hell my brain was unleashing on me. No matter how bad it was she could always show me the way home. My spirit puppy always tied me to earth.


She never begged for food. Occasionally she’d steal food if you left it out. Clearly, if you left it unattended it was no longer wanted by you. She would wait patiently under the table if you had pork chops because she knew the bone was for her. She would give me the side eye when I opened tuna. The juice always went over her dry food and after I was finished with the bowl she would help clean the last traces. She loved being helpful.




She loved to play on the bed. We would often roughhouse and tussle when I came home. She was always super careful to not nip my hands. She was not so careful with others. When she was done I’d crawl up on the bed and we’d snuggle; she’d push as close to me as she could.


When my SO and I would fight she’d crawl up between us at night. She often shoved my first husband off the bed while he was sleeping if we went to bed angry. When voices were raised she’d stand between us, refusing to allow any hurtful touch. My fierce protector.




She was always happy to see me, running to me as fast as she could. This occasionally had humorous consequences when she was on a leash. She made it clear that she loved attention but Mommy’s attention was the absolute best, second to none. My faithful friend.


When it rained she was scared, but she knew I’d protect her. She’d snuggle closer to me in the bed, sometimes abandoning her chosen place at the foot of the bed to press her head to my chest. I’d gently pet her and tell her it was okay, she was dry and safe. My trusting girl always knew I’d take care of her.




She got older, more stubborn. But she was still careful of others and let the kitten pounce on her all the time. The only time she ever nipped at her that I know of, the kitty was trying to steal food. Nox had just been yelled at for stealing the kitty’s food. I assume she figured that was fair. Hers was hers. Granted, at one time she also backed a full grown husky off her bowl, a dog that was easily 3 times the size of Nox. In the end, she curled up on the blanket we shared while sitting on the couch before she walked the rainbow bridge. I didn’t make it home in time but she had that part of us there with her and she knew I loved her more than anything.


My Nox, Yoda Puppy, Nix Nox, Nox Sidious, Noxxie, My Precious


My very best friend, I know you’re happy and frolicking. I wish I’d been there but I’m sure Nanny and Grandad are spoiling you rotten, as they did when they were here. I love you. I miss you.


March 2000 – April 2016.


One thought on “Ode to the Best Friend a Girl Could Have

  1. Beth says:

    Beautiful post. I know the pain of losing a companion. Opening your heart is always a dangerous practice, but oh, the payoffs! Sending you peace…..


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