WIP Wednesday: In & Out Again

The socks are coming along nicely. I was worried they wouldn’t fit but after a quick try on I think they’ll be fine, even if a smidgen on the tight side. I also think going up a size would be too large. And likely with a wash the yarn will relax a little. I’m on to the gusset decrease so hopefully by next week I’ll have the mate cast on.

I created a character in Salt and Sanctuary. That’s a fun game. I love the style of the art and the combat is pretty simple, if frustrating at time trying to get the boss rhythm down. I also played a bit in Lego Avengers and beat the story line. Now to go through and unlock everything.

All the envelopes that will be handed out locally have been addressed, and the correct number of cards have been set aside for mailing. I just need to make an adjustment to the wording on the RSVP and buy a USB drive so I can print them out.


Asylum: 13 Tales of Terror by Matt Drabble. I might have a new author to add to my list of favorite horror writers. He hasn’t topped Stephen King … but he’s certainly up there. I’ll have to snag the second book. These are lovely, short bits of horror.


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: In & Out Again

  1. Gracey says:

    Might have to check put that book! Good luck on the invitations


  2. juliakathleenadair says:

    Pretty socks, I hope they fit nice!


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