WIP Wednesday: Socks!

What we have here is a clear failure … in many ways. This was going to be a pair of Thelonious socks. Between the insane number of special spots in the pattern, my lack of counting, and my general frustration, over 2 inches was ripped out yesterday at lunch. I had plenty of time to cast on the newly decided upon pattern (which I’ve since changed) but it was right about then, with various knitting bits scattered across my desk, that what felt like, the whole office decided I needed to give up my lunch time and do more work. Instead, later today these will begin a journey to be knit up into In and Out socks. It takes less yardage anyhow and should leave me just enough to eek out the slippers I want for the wedding.

The new stripy socks though, those are going great. I whipped through the set up for the toes and got it ready to take with us for a showing of BvS on Saturday with our fighting friends. The movie was okay, not my favorite, but I had happy knitting during the whole thing.

I’ve started addressing the invitations. I suspect my wedding planner is bowing out but I’ll make due.

Little bits of Fallout 4 here and there. Honestly, work is killing me. I’m working at least 9 hours a day with intense brain usage so by the time I get home I’m mush.


Unhappenings by Edward Aubry. I’m really enjoying this and I keep flipping back to it when I’d normally play a game in the car or read something else while waiting for things to upload at work. I’ll have to look up more from the author.


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