WIP Wednesday: Invisible Hat & Stripy Socks

The invisible hat is because I have the yarn and needles pulled, I just hadn’t started it by the time I took pictures last night. But it is now started. Somehow I have no black hat, thus I have to fix this oversight. Meanwhile I do have progress on the stripy socks thanks to Deadpool and Star Wars, plus random times when I had nothing else to work on during lunch.

Last night we cut the fabric for two tabards and a tunic. I’ll likely sit down and sew them up Thursday night, if prep for the day battle doesn’t take over.

Lots of Star Wars and Fallout 4 when Jon needed the computer. I’m finally feeling like game play is clicking for me a bit more in Fallout so it’s easier to line up shots and shot on the run, though I still go through bullets like crazy. I switched over to my Jedi on Star Wars to finish up her story since she’s in the upper 40’s and I’d like to see how Jedi Knight plays out before moving on. I plan on moving some characters around and deleting a couple, particularly ones that I created to play with step kid or ex interests.


The Serpent in the Glass by D. M. Andrews. I’m less than 20% into the story so far so not quite sure what I think but so far it’s interesting for the age range it’s geared toward.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Invisible Hat & Stripy Socks

  1. Your stripes are lining up beautifully! Love the colors!


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