WIP Wednesday: Another Scrap Washcloth

Knitting Crochet:

I’m officially tired of the stash and the cotton yarn and .. I just want to pick a nice pattern and buy the yarn to make it and stop shopping the stash. I have at least 3 patterns in mind that I’d love to make, someday. But, I’m being good and trying to save money. So more washcloths until the cotton is gone, or at least gone enough to not feel bad about tossing the last little bit out. This is currently number 5 from these colors.


Star Wars!!!! I finally got to play my sith again. My sweet, evil sith. So many changes so I had to get my crew back in order and clear out some super old missions that weren’t actually giving me anything since the changes. But I got to play my sith again!


Sympathy for the Devil arranged by Tim Pratt. I think I was really hoping for a bit more horror … or at least that’s what I actually wanted to read. Not that they’re not good stories, they are. I think my mind was just in a different frame of want.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Another Scrap Washcloth

  1. Cheyanne says:

    Maybe instead of wash cloths you could try making some soft blocks or balls? Do you know anyone that’s expecting a baby? 🙂


  2. Becki says:

    Your circle reminds me of a spiral cloth I made. I’d never crocheted a spiral before and I think the pattern writer does a great job. Here’s a link in case you’re interested: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/squaring-the-spiral-dishcloth


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