WIP Wednesday: Scrap Washcloth

I’ve been a bit absent. A death, not great news from the dr (nothing serious, just a change in what I’d planned for my future), a new job, and a whirlwind of event / wedding prep has kept me a little off kilter in many ways. Luckily Jon has been wonderful in helping keep me together. Also not having my laptop has curtailed a lot of my online work. Anyhow, on to the progress stuff.

I have a lot of left over from Christmas knitting … and they’re keeping me from digging further into my stash for fiber and yarn. So, wash clothes for us! This is the second of these colors, and perhaps the last. I can’t remember if there’s more of this color hanging out in a drawer or not.

It’s been hard to knit lately because of stash frustration and lack of motivation for much of anything but I have made progress with the stripy socks.

I’ve been hanging out mostly in Yoshi’s Wooly World when I have played, as well as Child of Light. I’m also now a subscriber to Star Wars again, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a bit of time to play with that.


A lot of my brain has been here, on wedding stuff. We’re finally working on the save the dates. There will be very few of them sent out, as everybody in Houston that will be invited already knows they’re invited. These will mostly be for non-local invites. So, they’ll be all handwritten and made pretty.


Sympathy for the Devil arranged by Tim Pratt. Another book of short stories, but with Neil Gamain, Elizabeth Bear, and Stephen King among the authors I couldn’t pass it up.


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