Timey Whimey Stripes

These took forever to finish. I wanted this yarn so much the first time it was available and I was never able to swing it. It came back for a limited time and I jumped on it.

Between wanting to use absolutely every scrap of this yarn and wanting super long, snuggly socks, these took close to forever. Or at least nearly a year. On the plus side they had some of the best movie times associated with them. Next time I do super tall socks I’ll start the calf increases earlier, and possibly better spaced. I still love them though.

The dark grey is a little bit that was left over from a previous pair of socks, so I also got to clear out the stash a little bit more. Granted, I ordered 3 more sets of this yarn, in other colors, so not much actual clearing happened. :laugh:


2 thoughts on “Timey Whimey Stripes

  1. Cheyanne says:

    These are so awesome!!! I’m really impressed by people who can make socks. I tried to crochet some for my brother but the stitches were too tiny and I couldn’t see them and there was just A LOT of profanity lol….Anyway, these are adorable and look comfy and warm!


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