A Handful of Hats

I happened across this super soft camo alpaca in my stash and asked Jon if he had any interest in me making something for him. He inspected the yarn, even rubbing it across his face, which made me giggle. He then said a hat would be best.

That’s not how you wear a hat, silly man.

He’s a trooper, it was close to 100 for most days this summer and he still was willing to let me take pictures of him with warm alpaca on his head. But he has a hat for some day in the far future when Texas remembers how to get cold.

Speaking of cold weather in the future, I had to make something for myself out of that lovely yarn because it was such a treat to work with. Luckily I had more in the stash in a rose color.

A cowl / hood was just the answer to my desire to snuggle in the yarn.

Not that snuggling lasted long.

Two separate friends requested the same pattern so I made the following hat twice. I giggled when I received the mail and both of them, neither knowing the other, picked the exact same color.

I love this pattern and how the hat fits. The color is amazing too

I might have to order some for myself and made a third one.


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