Orange Hugs

I have a friend who doesn’t always remember how awesome she is. Well, I have several of those to be honest, because all my friends are pretty awesome, but at the moment I’m speaking of mac_arthur_park. She occasionally has moments where life is overwhelming and I wanted a way to give her a hug and remind her that she is loved, she is awesome, she is amazing. Distance contrives to keep such things from happening. But I’m a knitter, I play with yarn, and weave love into every stitch I make. She crochets. She understand the amount of love that is worked into a piece that is then given away.

I think she was in love the first time she saw this fiber on my spinning wheel. She oohed and ahhed over it. I had purchased it for my birthday because the color was labeled Gallifrey. The colors were brilliant in the sun. I knew in the back of my mind that I’d never wear the colors but I had to have it.

I did have to have it. I need it so that I could spin love into it and then add more love as I knit it into this shawl. I mailed this bundle of love off where it could wrap around her in moments of sorrow and comfort her, where she could wear it in happy times and add to the bright thoughts that are twisted into the stitches. A crafter understands how you can send a physical hug across many miles.

I love how the colors play with this pattern and how they swirl around in a warm sunset. This is one of my favorite pieces from this year.

Once I was done I had a little bit of singles left over that didn’t get spun into the 2 ply yarn. So I threw together a quick headband for Jon’s niece.


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