All the Sewing

There’s been so much sewing and I’m no where close to being caught up on FO Friday posts … so the next several posts are going to be kinda like picture dumps.

The first one up is a new tunic for Riddari. Obviously a fighter can’t go out to battle with only one tunic.

I feel like it’s a little big but it gives him room to move when fighting … and he still ripped out under the arms.

I also created clothing for his parents since they joined us at this particular fightin event. Each of them got one blue and one green tunic.

They looked great out on the sidelines and we loved having them out there with us. Plus it was pretty awesome to come back to camp and find food ready for us. 😀

Toan wanted a fancier shuhe so he ordered special fabric from China.

At some point I should take in the straight seams a bit as it’s a little on the large size. We tried to be extra careful with size since we were concerned about having enough fabric. I’m glad it’s a little on the larger side, all things considered.

After the event Jon needed a new tabard and we wanted to make some adjustments to the fit.

He says this one fits much better. Plus I tried a new thing with the trim to hide the edges a bit better. And we’re both pretty happy with the angled flaps.

Riddari also requested a tabard for his fighting gear.

It’s the exact same as the Chieftain’s minus the ranger star. I need to get around to making green tabards for both of them but I suspect that will wait until January. Though I can’t wait too long, we have another camping / fighting event mid January.


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