First Handspun Projects

For my first handspun yarn I wanted something to really show off the yarn. Because of the variance in weight I suspected that something very basic would probably be best.

I love how this hat came out. The color progression / spiral is lovely and the slouch feels perfect. I was thrilled that I still had more yarn to play with afterward.

The first picture shows a double mobius headband that I did. I found the construction very interesting and I look forward to doing something like that again. It also is the best picture I’ve gotten of the purple in my hair! Over 2 years of trying and it’s the first time it’s been very visible in pictures. The second picture is a basic eyelet headband. I love how they both show the different colors. Working with my very own handspun was fantastic!


4 thoughts on “First Handspun Projects

  1. birdyspeaks5 says:

    Hand spun? Really? You did the yard yourself? What did you spin the yarn on? A wheel or drop spindle? Cool!!!


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