WIP Wednesday: All the Things

I’d love to say I have no idea how this happened … but it’s December and I have insane ideas about what I can handle. Or I’m trying to hide from depression and anxiety. Maybe both.

First up, the shawl that I have only done a row or two here and there, when I am between present knitting and am waiting to get more yarn. Because of this I haven’t made much progress but I have finished one whole repeat of the lace. Only 2 more to go. Bonus kitty paw because she has apparently claimed me and must be involved in nearly everything I do.

We watched a movie the other day so my Gummy Stripes got a bit of love. Since I was close to the mark, I spent a bit more time on them while watching tv shows and added in the lifeline for the afterthought heels. Now it’s just stocking stitch until the end, plus they’re finally long enough to stuff the yarn in them. No more twisted yarn.

This is actually the second of these washcloths. I finished up the first one last night and went ahead to start the second one. After this set I only have one more set to go and the sets will be complete. Then I can move on to the other present stuff I have planned.

And then I remembered that I have a gift exchange a few days before Christmas. It’s more like a week before. So I jumped on the gift for that one. Luckily it’s a pattern I’ve done several times and I know it goes super fast.

More time in Star Wars, as well as Fallout 4. Plus Hatoful Boyfriend, which I’m not sure I’m terribly fond of.


Scorn of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy. This was an accidental purchase but luckily I enjoyed the first one and would like to see what happens next in this interesting, alternative look on what might have happened.


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