Spun Yarns

I was on a kick for a while of spinning on a regular basis. And then fighting events took over my free time, rather, the getting ready for them, as well as holiday knitting. Also I was getting a bit frustrated at spinning yarn but not getting to use it as soon as I’d like. Still, I like what I did get done so far.

This is mohair goat and Romney wool. I kept it at singles though to stretch the yardage. I’m not sure what I’ll do with 235 yards of it but I’m sure I’ll find something, perhaps a headband such. I do love the color.

This is superwash merino and was actually the 2nd or 3rd fiber purchase I ever made. This might become a hat as once it was plied it ended up being 206 yards of cushy softness.

Once more I don’t know what the fiber was. I was given a couple rolags at a fiber festival since I’d never tried to spin from them before. 36 yards of green, I’m not sure what it wants to be at all.

This one is my favorite. A gift from a friend a couple years ago, 100% wool. This was in … I wanna say locks (?) in a ziplock baggie so I just randomly grabbed each one, no concern for color or planning. I have 465 yards of singles here and I think it wants to be a shawlette of some sort.


One thought on “Spun Yarns

  1. iknead2knit says:

    Beautiful spinning! Thanks for sharing.


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