Kitty Bow Tie

Somehow my bosses kids found out that I knit. Or they randomly decided that they needed a bow tie for their cat. Kids are kinda random like that so it’s a possibility. Either way they came to me shortly after I started working at the new company and very nicely asked for a bow tie. I asked what color they wanted and the answer was red, white, and blue. I promised that I’d see what I had at home to make that. I didn’t mind them asking because it was very adorable. However, I didn’t want to buy yarn for a tiny project like that.

Luckily I had little bits of all three colors in compatible yarn. After a hour-ish of time (mostly because I was also playing D&D while making it), I had a finished project. And since I check his email in the mornings before he comes in, I simply left it on his desk as a surprise. He was pretty tickled that I actually made it for his kids and I heard later that they were quite happy to have the kitty bow tie to put on the cat’s collar.

I like making things that make people happy.

Also today I finished my 33rd year on the earth and begin my 34th year. Yay!!


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