WIP Wednesday: Selfish Shawl

I ran out of stash yarn to make washcloths for … so I’ll have to buy some to finish the project. Meanwhile, I’m working on a shawl for me. I’ve envisioned this yarn in a two color shawl for ages. I want something a little elegant and yet perfect for work. Plus it’s so squishy while knitting up.

We got a venue!! I’ve been stressing over that so hard. Now I can start working on the other stuff that was somewhat dependant on a venue and moving through my list of getting a little done here and there over time. I’ll also be sending a deposit for the wedding clothing as soon as the donated money is deposited into the bank. Woo!

I ran into complications with my agent and haven’t been able to call support yet .. so I created two more characters to distract me. I have a trooper who is so dedicated to the good that she often does questionable things to support the republic. I also have a jedi sentinal who sees no way other than the pure lightside. Here’s a picture of my jedi.


Vs. Reality by Blake Northcott. I really enjoyed Arena Mode by this author. This story hasn’t grabbed me like that one did but I am enjoying it quite a lot.


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