WIP Wednesday: Giant Cloth

I might have added too many stitches for this larger version. I’m currently a little concerened about running out of yarn but we’ll see. If so then I’ll simply start over with fewer stitches. And it seems that I can’t get a picture of yarn stuff without Jon’s kitten getting into the picture. At least this time she’s not absconding with the project. Good things she’s cute and adorable.


This is part of why I love Star Wars – The Old Republic so much. The worlds are simply amazing. I have a speeder and various ways to travel quickly, however I often find myself running to the next location just to admire the scenery. Not to say I don’t use the provided travel means at times. It’s a treat to ride a thranta after all.


The first picture is after riding the thranta in the second picture. I was dropped off in a remote nest where I also had this lovely view.


Some of the Best From Tor.com. I’m still working my way through the short stories, though several of them are a bit longer than expected. I’m enjoying them, just not enough time to read a lot. Most of my free time is either catching up on my tv shows or running through Star Wars … or looking for things to sell to raise money to replace the laptop and pay for the wedding.

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8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Giant Cloth

  1. itsallaboutpurple says:

    beautiful shawl, i really like those colors!!!!


  2. That one looks particularly cool! Happy knitting!


  3. Julia says:

    Knitting with cats is sometimes an adventure!


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