WIP Wednesday: Nothing New

So …. I don’t have anything new for this week. I managed to knit nothing at all the entire weekend. But, the reason why is below, copied from my personal journal.

Thursday night we finished up a couple things for the event, like yet another weapon cover.

Friday I bathed the Nox Puppy while Jon started packing things up. After a stop for groceries we were on the road to Forging Pangaea IV. My nerves weren’t calming down at all no matter what I tried. Luckily I was able to distract myself a bit during camp set up.

This was home for the weekend. Our group is the only one that puts up a wall to mark our camp.

Friday night I entered the arena to fight one on one for my rank. I had to beat five fighters from my realm, including Jon, five times each. I fought 198 fights (between 2.5 and 3 hours) before meeting the requirements. I was exhausted and emotional as hell. But it wasn’t over. Jon called for the realm to surround us. He asked if anybody felt that I shouldn’t be promoted, all agreed that I should be.

And then Jon went to one knee.

Not gonna lie .. I cried. The answer was of course yes.

Saturday I helped with weapons check and really should have sat myself under the shade. The fighting began and I sat on the side drinking water. After 6 bottles of water I headed out to fight. The nurse took one look at me and send me off to drink more water. Through the night there were assassin games shenanigans which were fun to watch.

Sunday almost nobody showed for weapon check or fighting so we ended up packing up the camp a day early. We joined a group heading to the McKinney Falls and relaxed in the water for a bit. Then dinner and finishing up the packing. Jon and I headed home, despite the very late hour. We were surprised by everything at home being moved around while we were gone, so the landlord could put in a new AC unit since the old one was leaking all over the place and causing mold.

Monday was a day of napping, unpacking a little bit, and playing video games while we recovered. I’m still covered in bruises and muscle sore as well as dealing with the worst sunburn I’ve had since I was 8. But it was the best weekend in a long while. Meanwhile, Jon laughs at the giant, goofy grin I get when I see the ring or think about how we’re engaged. He says I’m adorable … I say I’m just happy.

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4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Nothing New

  1. Caroline says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Sounds like you had very good reasons for no knitting this week 🙂


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  3. harknessangels says:



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