FO Friday: Spartan Tunic

I felt bad about the quality of the tunic I did for our Spartan since it ripped up pretty badly almost instantly. Some of that is the wear it was put through, a lot of it was the way I did the trim and not completely covering the edges. So I made him a new one.

I like the look of this one a lot. It’s actual linen for one, plus I figured out better ways to handle the ends of the trim since the other tunic I did for him.

Funnily enough … he’s joining our unit so I’ll soon have to make yet more garb for him in our colors. Not a problem though, I like that our unit is growing.

I’ve listed several friends who also have link ups in the side bar. Please leave a link here and stop by and join theirs as well so we can all share our pretty completed projects. Don’t forget to leave comments, we all love to hear good things about our work.


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