WIP Wednesday: Wedge Almost Complete

These go so fast. They have such an easy rhythm to them thanks to the short rows. I’d like to think they’ll be done by next week but we have a big battle day on Saturday so no knitting then .. though we have Sunday as a day of rest so maybe. I have three projects already lined up and want to get moving on them.


I did a little bit more in Star Wars, but no major changes to my character yet.


Insanity by Cameron Jace. I’m very much in love with this book. It’s well written and circles around one of my favorite stories.

It’s a pretty light week but I finished up 2 spinning projects and 4 sewing projects this week so things are in a small period of rest before jumping in again.

I’ve updated the links on the sidebar of other link ups that you can join. Please feel free to visit them all and see more pretty things that others are working on.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Wedge Almost Complete

  1. Almost there! They look more enticing every time I see them!


  2. gracey says:

    Those socks look great


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