Gothic Socks

These were incredibly fiddly socks … and I’m not sure it was worth it. They’re interesting. They don’t feel uncomfortable in my boots. However, I’m not thrilled with all the wrapping and shifting stitches.

At least the color really works with the pattern and helps it to stand out.

But I’m really not a fan of how the wrapped stitches pull in on my legs and make them look constrained. At least they’re not actually pulling in on my legs and causing difficulties.

Sorry for such a late Friday link up. With Jon and I both being off work today for the holiday I completely forgot that today was Friday. I’ve even forgotten a couple times while writing this up. So that’s where my brain is today.


One thought on “Gothic Socks

  1. J says:

    These socks look amazing! I’m jealous of them. Each time I knit a pair, one fits and the other doesn’t. I did this twice, so in a way I do have a pair of socks…


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