Quiver of Arrows

The last quiver I made to carry my arrows onto the field had a major flaw that I didn’t notice until it was far too late. The bottom was very thin and several of the arrow nocks ripped a hole in the fabric. This led to a bent arrow at an event when I tripped over a log while getting rushed by the other team. It also tended to tip forward when moving quickly which led to arrows all over the ground and nowhere near my hand. So, I made a few design changes.


The bottom has 2 5inch brass rings with a piece of armor grade leather sandwiched between them. All three are wrapped in duct tape, above them in the quiver is the original brass ring. Around all of that I built the cylinder of fabric that is the quiver. At the top the fabric wraps around the loop I made previously for the belt and around another brass ring. The 3 rings at the bottom gives it enough weight to hang rather than tip since our arrows are top heavy. The leather and tape keep anything from tearing through. And the ring at the top gives me a nice wide opening for quick resetting after the battle.


It’s pretty comfortable standing or if I’m legged. It’s not too long so that it drags the ground, and I don’t think it’s tipped all the arrows out even once.

Arrow up!!

In light of some of my favorite link ups taking a break or simply no longer participating I’ve begun a link up here. Please share the link and visit others who link up. We can all use encouragement with out finished projects.


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