Rangers of the North Shore Battle Flag

As with any battle unit, we have to have a standard to gather under. Jon designed the star and we worked with a couple friends to get it embroidered on the flag we designed.

It was embroidered on black and I cut it very close to the silver before running stitches along the edge. I think I did a fairly decent job of hiding the stitching.

I was very happy that Jon found the hanger that he did as the acrons have a ranger feeling to them. I’m really happy with how it all came together and also good, the Chieftian approves of it.

I invite you all to join us for a link up and share your finished projects, no matter the type of project. Please feel free to share this blog post and direct others to join us to Ooooh and Aaaaah over the pretties.


6 thoughts on “Rangers of the North Shore Battle Flag

  1. I can imagine it held high and blowing in the wind. The acorns are a great choice.


  2. hardknitlife says:

    Love it!! The stitching on the star is pretty invisible and beautifully done. Thanks for linking up!!


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