Spring Day

I picked up spinning almost 2 years ago and yet, I’ve never finished any of the yarn. I’ve spun and spun and spun practice singles but then did nothing else with them. I did wind some of the singles off my drop spindle at one point with the vague intention of plying them with the next set of practice singles I did but they have since been lost somewhere in the move.

Meanwhile my friends created Electric Sheep Dreams and gave me one of their oops braids. I wasn’t thinking about it and didn’t grab a picture before learning how to separate it to begin spinning.

It’s the first yarn I’ve created. It’s not consistent, but after plying it’s somewhat closer to being balanced.

I don’t think it’s an oops color, I love how the darker spots where the dye didn’t fully do as intended have worked into the yarn. I love the balance of colors overall. I’m pretty sure ESD has a winner if they choose to recreate this.

I’m not sure what I’ll make with it just yet but I’m itching to get started on it after a couple of need to make projects are taken care of.

Project Page: Ravelry


2 thoughts on “Spring Day

  1. Most impressive. Keep at it!


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