WIP Wednesday: More Socks

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about these socks. Luckily they’re moving pretty quick otherwise I could see being unhappy with them for being not quite to my liking and to being fiddly. But I’m on the next to the last repeat for the legs. I knew that there might be patterns that I wasn’t quite as in love with when I decided to knit all of Knit. Sock. Love but I’ll have the experience of making them and I’ll know more of what I do and don’t enjoy on my feet.

We had another gaming session on Friday so I got a lot done on my stripy socks. I believe I’m almost at the heel. After the heel it’ll all pretty much be mindless. Though I think I may try to decrease a bit after the heel and then slowly increase as they get taller, so they’re less likely to fall down since they’ll be so tall..


I finally finished the story line of LEGO The Hobbit – Wii U so now I’m wandering around the main map to unlock the secrets. I like that there’s such a focus on the storyline of the game but the way they handled the map and the extras is a little frustrating. I’m still enjoying it though, at least, I enjoy it when I don’t fall asleep playing, like I did last night.


Bleeding Shadows by Joe R. Landsdale. I’m nearly done with this book and I’m ready to be. It’s not that I’ve not enjoyed it, because I have and love the range the author has as well as how neatly he sucks me into each story. I’m just ready to get moving on the enourmous backlog of books sitting in my queue. Even more so since I purchases a fairy tale story bundle last night.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: More Socks

  1. iknead2knit says:

    I do like the gray socks but I see them as being fiddly. Definitely would not be in my take-along knitting bag.


  2. Donna says:

    I really like your stripy socks! I love when the yarn does all the work.


  3. Paula says:

    You’re knitting through Knit.Sock.Love? My hat’s off to you. I love Cookie A’s patterns.


  4. Lucy Bowen says:

    Love both of them – I think it’s good to have a mindless and a more taxing one on the go!


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