WIP Wednesday: Hitchhiker & Socks

The hitchhiker has been my main go to project lately and it’s certainly showing it. I’ve memorized the pattern and each wedge is fairly flying off the needles, even with stopping to squish the garter stitch.

I also found some time during gaming last week to work on my stripy socks. I didn’t quite have the shawl memorized at that point and I was trying to learn a new game so basic socks to the rescue. Plus socks are a little more gaming friendly just because of the size.

I’m trying to make spinning a regular thing so my plan was to watch Monday Night Raw and spin. I’ve managed one so far. It’ll be switched to Tuesday night and record wrestling since we are joining friends for gaming, maybe. So far the game sounds needlessly complicated but we’ll see how it goes. Anyhow, this was an oops braid I was gifted from Electric Sheep Dreams and I’ve gotten about a fourth of it done so far.


Still stuck on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. I’ve finished the actual story and all the free play for those levels. Now I have Lantern planets to discover secrets on and Jon purchased the first of the DLC for me so I’ll do that once the planets are all cleaned up.


The Ape’s Wife and Other Storiesby Caitlin Kiernan. So far there’s only been one story that didn’t keep my attention but that’s pretty impressive for a book of shorts. Though time has been short lately, with both Jon and I sick, even the dog got sick last night. So crafting and reading will likely be replaced with cleaning and napping today.


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Hitchhiker & Socks

  1. iknead2knit says:

    Everything looks great! The Sockhead hat is my go to project.


  2. Ooh I like the colours in that Hitch Hiker.


  3. afirstlady says:

    I love Martina Behm’s patterns. I made Miss Winkle last year. About time I made a hitch hiker I think


  4. gracey says:

    All projects are looking good….and self striping is why I now have 7 pair on the needles…


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