Blue Tabard

Going to a weekend event means that you need clothing for more than one day. I still had my blue dress but Jon needed something to match.

I hand sewed that patch on that morning because he passed his Ranger Prooving the night before. That’s love man, because that patch is thick and killed my fingers. But I’m so proud of him for passing and being such a good leader.

I’m very glad I got the pictures that morning as we were getting ourselves together and getting breakfast. Because halfway through the battles it started to rain, and we were all quickly covered in mud.



6 thoughts on “Blue Tabard

  1. Mlissabeth says:

    It is fascinating how you pair your two hobbies together. It looks like fun!


  2. avantaknits says:

    The tabards are great! (I hope they’re machine washable, too.)


  3. Hooray for those action shots. It really brings your outfits to life when you show those. Looks like even in the wain, it was a great day.


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